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College Acceptances in 2020

Just a few of the colleges and universities our students will attend in the fall

Student Results

+4/+120 points

Average increase in ACT/SAT score.


Get into a
top-college choice.


Gain admission to highly selective universities vs. 10% national average.


Graduate in four years with a job in their major.

About HelloCollege

HelloCollege is a national college planning service that helps families navigate college selection, admissions and career readiness. We are dedicated to helping students and parents succeed in the college admissions process, providing a personalized experience based on each family's unique needs and goals. Our team has, collectively, over 200 years of college planning experience, as well as proven success helping students gain admittance to top universities across the country.

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Understand what it takes to gain admission to a Top University

Getting into a selective college is harder than it used to be.

Getting into a highly selective college or university takes far more than just good grades and test scores. These colleges are looking for students who stand out from the crowd through leadership and participation over the entire four years of high school. It's critical that you ut