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College Acceptances in 2020

Just a few of the colleges and universities our students will attend in the fall

Student Results

+4/+120 points

Average increase in ACT/SAT score.


Get into a
top-college choice.


Gain admission to highly selective universities vs. 10% national average.


Graduate in four years with a job in their major.

About HelloCollege

HelloCollege is a national college planning service that helps families navigate college selection, admissions and career readiness. We are dedicated to helping students and parents succeed in the college admissions process, providing a personalized experience based on each family's unique needs and goals. Our team has, collectively, over 200 years of college planning experience, as well as proven success helping students gain admittance to top universities across the country.

Achieve your dreams. Say HelloCollege.

Understand what it takes to gain admission to a Top University

Getting into a selective college is harder than it used to be.

Getting into a highly selective college or university takes far more than just good grades and test scores. These colleges are looking for students who stand out from the crowd through leadership and participation over the entire four years of high school. It's critical that you utilize your essay, letters of recommendation, interviews and application to showcase your unique talents.

Key Considerations:

Course Rigor & Academics

Extracurricular Activities

Uniqueness & Potential for Greatness

Stand-Out College Essays

Letters of Recommendation

Legacy Status

Our College Consulting Services

We offer a variety of high-end services designed to maximize your student's potential.

Test Prep

Although many colleges are now test optional, strong ACT/SAT scores make a candidate stand out. Our program provides online resources, unlimited proctored practice exams, and detailed score reports to help your student prep.

Admissions Programs

Our comprehensive programs provide your student with a personal college counselor to guide your family through every step of the process – from college selection to decision day. The program also includes our full suite of essay coaching services and our interactive workshop series.

Essay Review/Editing

Students work closely with our essay coaches to brainstorm, review and polish their Common Application and supplemental essays. At each step, students receive in-depth feedback and professional editing.  

Custom Packages

Many students seeking admission to highly selective schools require extra attention, focus and assistance. Our custom packages allow you to choose the counselor hours or essay edits that are right for you.  

What Families are Saying About Us

The essay workshops and my essay coach were extremely helpful in shaping my ideas into compelling essays. Through HelloCollege, I also made invaluable connections that helped me to create a unique “stand-out” submission that I feel made a hugely positive impact on my application portfolio.
Elaine C.
Attending Notre Dame
I would not have known what to do or when to complete all of the different aspects of applying to college. The program helped me find seven scholarships, kept me accountable, and is a push in the right direction.
Matthew Nicholson
Attending Northwestern University
This program successfully guided our family through the competitive college application process and provided superb resources at every step to help our son get into Duke University.
James and Heide Reilly
Son Attending Duke University

8 Tips for Admissions Success


Maintain outstanding grades through all four years of high school, with a heavy emphasis on rigorous courses (IB, Honors, AP).


Through extracurriculars, get involved with your school and community throughout the year. Show the depth of your interest by expanding your leadership role each year of high school.


Plan on lots of test prep to master your ACT/SAT and subject tests. Start early, take practice exams often, and focus on areas for improvement.


Write a stand-out college essay. Hone your theme and create a compelling story while also focusing on structure, content, and execution - all with the help of a personal coach.


Find two teachers who will write you fantastic letters of recommendation. We'll help you make it easy for them by generating a resume to provide them when you ask.


Prepare for your college interview by going through mock sessions. Always be prompt and present yourself professionally, both in person and online.


Don't wait. Start early and strategize through all four years of high school.


Get organized. Track your progression, extracurriculars, and create a resume. Prepare to spend a lot of time on essays through application season.

Why Choose Us?


A wide range of services ranging from help with test prep to essays to comprehensive college planning. Programs are customized to meet each student's unique needs.


Our team of education professionals has over 200 years of dedicated college admissions experience. We have delivered free college planning education to over 15,000 families and personally guided over 1300 students.


HelloCollege students graduate with less debt, earn more financial aid and scholarships, get into top choice colleges and graduate with jobs in their major.


Remove the stress and worry that you are missing something in the college planning process. Avoid costly mistakes by working with a team of experts who guide you every step of the way.

Meet a Few Members of the Team.

Dan Farnesi

President & COO - College Counselor

Dan enjoys helping students make the most out of their lives, and he is able to follow this passion daily at HelloCollege. Dan has over 30 years of experience in the finance industry and 6 years in college planning.  As COO and College Counselor he has helped lead the company in providing families structure, efficiency and an ever-refined approach to college planning that has deeply impacted its families. 

Terri C. Houston

Student Success Director - College Counselor

Terri Houston is an educator, trainer and mentor of students, college administrators, and business professionals. “Ms. H” as affectionately known by students, has served in leadership and consultant roles with over 100 colleges, universities and educational institutions around the country. For more than 13 years, Terri services as senior director for recruitment and multicultural affairs at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill.

Kevin Krebs

Founder - Counselor & Senior Advisor

Kevin Krebs is a graduate of Northwestern University with a Master’s from the Medill School of Journalism.  He has 20 years of experience assisting families through the college planning process.  Kevin supports high education by empowering schools and parents with expert college admissions guidance.  Kevin has educated over 15,000 families during his 20 Tips to College Planning Success workshops and assisted thousands of students through college planning.


Will Wagner

Will Wagner

Essay Director

Will Wagner is a writer and editor for everything from national magazines to websites.  He wrote his own book “Wrigley Blues: The Year the Cubs Played Hardball (but Lost Anyway), published in 2004 by Taylor Trade.  Will is highly passionate about helping students portray their best selves on the college essays.

Rasha Myers

Rasha Myers

Program Director

Rasha Myers is a former teacher and program manager.  With more than 10 years in educational management, Rasha has instructed students using individualized teach methods.   Rasha holds a Master of Science (M.Ed.) in Curriculum and Instruction and a Bachelor’s of Science (B.S.) in Biology. 

Allison Dahleen

College Counselor

Allison has a variety of experiences working with students within the higher education field.  Formerly, she was a student advocate for graduate students for renowned institutions such as the University of Kentucky. Allison has her BSBA in Comprehensive Marketing and an MSA in Administration Leadership. Allison brings a wealth of knowledge about college programming, expectations required of a student, and the ins and outs of university procedures and policies.