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Key College Planning Focus Areas.

Focusing on these key areas related to college planning from freshman year will help set your student up for success.

Academics and Testing

Academics and Testing

Focus on keeping good grades throughout high school and matching academic rigor (AP, Honors, IB) with college aspirations. Ensure both your unweighted and weighted GPA reflects your ability. Begin test prep early, take practice exams, and create a test strategy.

Major and Career

Major & Career

Explore majors and careers through assessments, internships and job shadowing. Determine career goals, desired income, importance of alumni networks and job placement out of college.

Stand Out Factor

Stand Out Factor

Focus on developing a resume consisting of co and extracurriculars, volunteering, summer programs, internships that showcase your passions. Focus on quality over quantity with 2-3 areas of deep participation and leadership.

Paying for College

Paying for College

Start early to both save for college and discuss college budget. Identify your ability to earn need and merit-based aid at each school. Research, identify, and apply for scholarships both locally and nationally beginning Junior year. Negotiate financial aid packages with schools.

Build a College List

Build a College List

Begin building a list by identifying important factors in your college decision such as academic reputation, location, campus size, majors offered, and demographics. Create a well rounded list of likely, target and reach schools. Research and visit schools beginning sophomore year.

Applications and Essays

Applications and Essays

Creating a focused strategy to apply to colleges and closely tracking progress and deadlines is critical to success. Begin your personal statement essay spring/summer of junior year. Determine which application strategy (ED, EA, RD etc.) is right for you. Create a tracking system with key deadlines to stay on track.

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HelloCollege is a national college counseling company that helps families navigate the school selection, application and admissions process. We are dedicated to helping students and parents successfully navigate their college planning journey by providing a personalized experience based on their unique needs and goals. Our team has assisted over 1500 students and has more than 200 years of collective college planning experience.

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