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Workshop Recordings

20 Tips for College Planning Apply, Afford & Succeed

Learn best practices, key deadlines and how to help your child maximize opportunities to get accepted. Discover how to create a strong college list, create a plan to pay for college, and choose a major and career path.

College Prep 101

We will cover important topics students and parents should be thinking about as freshman and sophomores to set them up for later college planning success. Learn the basic fundamentals of college planning that set the stage come junior & senior year.

Crack the Code:
Tips for Highly Selective Admissions

This limited-time event is specifically for high-achieving students striving for a highly competitive academic institution. Learn how to maximize your academic talents during the college admissions process.

ACT/SAT Gameplan

The role and importance of standardized tests have changed a lot over the past year. This workshop will help you gauge the importance of standardized tests for your student and formulate a manageable game plan specific to them.

College Prep Timeline For Juniors

We cover each step needed to set your junior up for success and ensure you don’t miss any key college planning activities and deadlines.

Start your College Planning Right Here and Now

We guide you through the necessary steps to successfully plan for college during junior year of high school. By having a plan, you'll reduce your stress and make sure you're on the right track moving into senior year.

Juniors: Application Preparation

We review all of the steps needed during junior year to prepare for strong applications next fall. This workshop covers letters of recommendation, how to create a high school resume, developing a strong activities list, how and when to begin working on the college essay.

Time to Shine:
Your Common Application Essay

This 60-minute virtual event is designed to educate rising seniors on formulating the Common Application essay, choosing a good topic, and writing a compelling story.

Supplemental Essays That Impress

Many universities require additional essay(s) in their application process. Learn how to maximize this supplemental essay opportunity.

Common App Tips To Stand Out

These tips ensure your student’s application shines and maximizes acceptance odds. You’ll also learn common mistakes and omissions to avoid.

Intro to College Planning: Academics and Testing

Learn how to take the right courses and earn the scores necessary to get you into your college of choice.

Major & Career Exploration

Start college with an end goal & career plan in place. This workshop explores tips to hone your student’s skills, interests & define a plan

Boost Admissions Odds: What's Your Stand Out Factor?

Colleges are looking for students who stand out from the crowd. Through a deep dive into school, community and career based activities, we will provide an outline of how to explore passions and get engaged throughout high school.

Intro to College Planning: Paying for College

Learn how to lay the foundation for college by creating a list of colleges that are the best fit for you.

Intro to College Planning: Standing Out

Learn how to lay the foundation for college by standing out from other students through extracurriculars and experiences.

Intro to College Planning: Admissions Potential

Learn how to lay the foundation for college financially with financial aid and scholarships.

Intro to College Planning: Admissions Potential

Learn how to lay the foundation for college financially with financial aid and scholarships.

10 Tips To Relieve College Planning Anxiety

Planning for college has undoubtedly become one of the most stressful aspects of life for both high school students and their parents. HelloCollege is here to help! We will share some of our top tips to help you get organized, and create a structured timeline and plan that will help you build a great college list, boost students' admissions potential and maximize financial aid and scholarship opportunities.

S.A.F.E The Four Most Important Factors of College Selection

Navigating the college selection process isn’t easy. That's why we created the S.A.F.E college selection framework, which helps teens and parents understand how to evaluate colleges in four key areas to determine if they should make the list. We break down what to consider each category in order to zero in on the right college fit.

College Planning Strategies for STEM Majors

From computer science and engineering to pre-med, mathematics and data science, we will discuss selecting the best fit major, building a great college list, choosing the right extra-curricular activities and learning how to write the most compelling application essays.

Business, Econ & Finance Majors: College Planning Strategies

Accounting for 20% of college degrees awarded, Business, Econ, and Finance degrees lead to successful careers, making them a great investment of the college experience. This webinar helps students interested in Business, Econ, or Finance majors successfully navigate admission into these competitive fields.