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Creating a college list can be daunting, it’s hard to know where to start. The College List Assessment will provide HelloCollege experts key information to help you craft your preliminary list during a free college counseling session.

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HelloCollege is a national college counseling company that helps families navigate the school selection, application and admissions process. We are dedicated to helping students and parents successfully navigate their college planning journey by providing a personalized experience based on their unique needs and goals. Our team has assisted over 1500 students and has more than 200 years of collective college planning experience.

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Navigating the college selection process is not easy. That's why we created the S.A.F.E college list system, which helps teens and parents understand how to evaluate colleges in each key area. The intent is to help students find the right fit the first time, avoiding costly mistakes and ensuring that you successfully accomplish your college admissions goals.


Factors such as location, campus size, community, demographics, and sports. Ensuring the school matches up with the student’s unique personality will ensure they stay for the long run.


Factors such as academic rigor, major, and support services. You want to match your academic interests with a college, but ultimately you must be able to get in and succeed.


Factors such as tuition & fees, student loans, savings and potential for merit or financial aid. College costs can be confusing and intimidating, but if you know how to navigate them, you’ll be able to take control.


What are your career goals, desired income, alumni networks and job placement out of college. We encourage students to consider long-term goals, such as lifestyle and career goals when choosing a college.

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HelloCollege helps you avoid college planning uncertainty and stress by creating a strategic plan matched to your teens goals and aspirations. Get your child the best guidance to improve their acceptance odds and achieve their college admissions potential.


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Dan Farnesi

President & Coo - College Counselor

Dan enjoys helping students make the most out of their lives, and he is able to follow this passion daily at HelloCollege. Dan began working as a consultant for HelloCollege’s parent company, Partners For Achievement, in 2013 and soon took on the role of Executive Vice President. He has helped lead the company in developing structure, efficiency, useful tools, and an ever-refined approach to college planning that has deeply impacted its families. In June 2019, Dan was named President and COO of PFA/HelloCollege.