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College Planning Support Team

Leah Powell

Leah Powell & Support Team

Sue Nelson

Review scholarships, financial aid, and college budget.
Will Wagner

Will Wagner & Essay Team

Essay coaches are available for essay brainstorms or coaching.

Colette Tracy

College to Career coach and mock interviews.

College Planning Workshops & Resources


College Admissions 101

Recommended for Freshmen and Sophomores

What you can expect from HelloCollege throughout the college search and application process and conversely, what we expect from you. Understanding selectivity: what is a less selective, selective, moderately selective and highly selective school?  What will your student be evaluated on during the application process? An in-depth look at how grades, course rigor, standardized tests and essays are evaluated.

College Admissions 102

Recommended for Freshmen and Sophomores

An in-depth look at how extracurricular activities, letters of recommendation, interviews and demonstrated interest are evaluated during the application process. How to begin the college search process. Building a S.A.F.E. College list - a list of schools that are a strong Social, Academic, Financial and Employment fit.  A review of the HelloCollege tools and resources that are available to you. The importance of visiting colleges throughout the search process.

1-on-1 Budget Review

Recommended for right after enrollment
Meeting to discuss current college prices, your college budget parameters, financial aid, student loans, cost-savings tips, and/or private scholarship best practices.

Paying for College

Recommended for right after enrollment
College can be expensive – and paying for it is complicated. HelloCollege explains the resources available (scholarships, grants, loans, etc.) and the strategies for making smart decisions at this crucial time. Additionally, we introduce parents to our Scholarship Toolkit. This tool provides a structured approach for students to search for, and apply to, the many scholarships that are available each year.

Stand Out Factor

Recommended for right after enrollment
To improve your chances of getting into any school, students need to stand out. Displaying leadership, initiative, creativity, and selflessness are all ways to help a student stand out. Involvement in school clubs, community service, working and job shadowing experiences will help distinguish you from other applicants. Additionally, recognition of your skills and accomplishments at the state, regional or national level can go a long way towards setting you apart. Students will learn what a standout factor is, how to develop it, and why standing out is important for college admissions.

YouScience Career Assessment

Recommended for right after enrollment
Take the robust career and aptitudes assessment at and then review your results in the Major and Career Exploration Workshop.  Use the activation code in your workbook.

Major and Career Exploration Workshop

Recommended for right after enrollment
To assist in developing a strong college list it is helpful to have a good understanding of career interests and potential college majors. After taking your YouScience assessment join this workshop where we show students how to use this information to focus on the right areas during the college research process.


ACT or SAT Test Strategy

In this workshop, HelloCollege outlines ACT or SAT preparation and test-taking strategies to help students maximize their scores on the ACT or SAT. We provide tips and recommendations, discuss accommodations eligibility, and help students set smart standardized testing goals.

Proctored ACT or SAT

There’s nothing like a proctored ACT or SAT Practice Test to prepare our students for the experience they will have when taking the real ACT or SAT. These exams are administered virtually. We will keep the time while you take one more step towards improving your score.

Request a Practice ACT or SAT

A practice ACT or SAT test readies students for the real thing. Every point you improve could make a big difference in college admissions and the amount of merit scholarship money awarded. These tests are taken at home. Complete the form to receive digital testing materials by email.

Method Test Prep

Access premium online ACT and SAT test prep through Career Cruising and Method Test Prep.  Over 60 hours of test prep material, videos, and resources.  Take practice exams and receive immediate score reports.  Use the login information in your workbook.

Scholarship Search

The cost of college isn’t decreasing. Winning scholarships is a great way to help reduce the overall cost or close the gap between the sticker price and your target budget. In this group class, we present the HelloCollege Scholarship Toolkit and walk through some best practices for increasing your potential for winning awards to help make college more affordable. Students spend the majority of the time researching and identifying scholarships they will apply to.

Resume Development

Your resume can be a powerful tool for applications, college visits, internships and more. HelloCollege will help you craft an effective resume by providing guidance and access to our tools that will showcase your academic information, extracurricular activities, awards, interests, employment and volunteer experiences.


1-on-1 Essay Brainstorm or Coaching Session

Jun-Dec. Senior Year
Work one-on-one with an essay coach to brainstorm your essay topic, craft your compelling story or get coaching on your essay drafts.

Essay Bootcamp

Jun-Sept. Senior Year
In this three-day bootcamp, students learn the fundamentals of writing The Common Application and Coalition Application college admissions essay and supplemental essays. They choose a Common Application or Coalition Application essay prompt, receive coaching on what makes a compelling story and learn how to properly structure the essay. Students conclude the week with two completed drafts of the Common Application or Coalition Application essay.

Editate Essay Platform

Jun-Dec. Senior Year
Editate is the online portal you use to brainstorm and edit your college essays.  The platform allows you to communicate with essay editors, house your college list, and see important deadlines. 

Common Application Workshop

Sept-Oct Senior Year
Learn the important aspects of completing The Common Application and school applications. Additionally, HelloCollege will highlight some of the important things students must address when coordinating the information flow from your high school to the colleges you apply to. The goal is for students to complete the majority of The Common Application during this workshop. (Some additional follow-up for school supplements and high school-related tasks will be required.)

1-on-1 Common Application Review

Sept-Dec. Senior Year
This one-on-one session is a chance to have your questions about the Common App answered privately.

Supplemental Essays

Aug-Oct. Senior Year
As a follow-up to our Essay Bootcamp, class time is spent working on the additional essays many schools require as part of their application process. A HelloCollege essay coach will review supplemental essay instructions, answer questions and provide students with help dissecting school-specific prompts.


Oct-Nov. Senior Year
HelloCollege covers all of the important steps to properly complete the Free Application For Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). We guide each family to ensure the application is submitted properly. We also introduce some of the factors that are considered for schools (mostly private schools) that require submission of the more complex CSS Profile financial aid application. 

Mock Interview

Aug-Jan. Senior Year
What's your story? Admissions officers will know your numbers, they want to know your story. Mock interviews are a great way to rehearse or practice for that so important application interview so you make a great impression. 


Scholarship Bootcamp

Jan-Mar. Senior Year
In this bootcamp-style workshop, students and parents identify scholarships to apply for and work on related applications and essays.

1-on-1 Award Assessment

Jan-Apr. Senior Year
Review your award letters with an expert who will help you through negotiations and appeals.

Professional Prep/LinkedIn

Mar-May. Senior Year
A great resume will enable you to make a strong first impression, but once you land a job shadowing opportunity or an interview it is important to be prepared. HelloCollege teaches students important professional etiquette when interacting with professionals in the real world.

College Transition

Jun-Jul. Senior Year
Congrats, high school grad! This info-packed workshop covers crucial skills and topics to help you prepare for freshman year of college. Topics covered include getting your resume and social media presence college-ready; managing time and stress; thriving in class and with mentors; staying safe and happy on campus; and more.


1-on-1 Coaching Session

Work on-on-one with a career coach to plan your classes, provide 1-1 mentoring and assist with your classes and transition to college.

Emotional Intelligence

Do you ever wonder why some professionals seem to have excellent “interpersonal skills”? That is, they seem to relate well to others and can communicate their message in a way that others understand. Emotional Intelligence is the catalyst many times for developing amazing people skills. The first thing it starts with is having empathy for others and self-understanding. Having these skills can improve our ability to anticipate the needs of teachers, peers, families, and superiors.


Create or update your current resume. Determine the most effective way to market yourself to prospective employers through descriptive and persuasive language. Join us for exploring this imperative “branding” tool.

Soft Skills

Most of us are aware of the major emphasis on and major need for STEM in our education today. While it is very true that science, technology, engineering, and mathematics majors are in high demand and people to fill these jobs have been in short supply, the unequivocal companion/complement to these skills is what we call soft skills. Like emotional intelligence, soft skills involve excellent communication skills. These skills are best developed when one is self-aware, is able to understand others, possesses a positive attitude, and has a strong work ethic. Other skills that are a part of possessing well-developed soft skills are listening, speaking, and writing. Please join us for this workshop where we will take a firsthand “real life” practical look at the soft skills needed for today’s workplace.

1-on-1 Mock Interview

Want to get a chance to find out exactly what prospective employers are looking for in a job candidate? Mock interviews are a great way to rehearse or practice for that so important first meeting. Whether you are thinking about an internship, college job, or first job out of college, this workshop is a great way to improve your chances of getting the job.

Life Goals and Personal Business Plan

Have you given thought to your short-term and long-term plans? Have you put them in writing? Take advantage of a one-on-one coaching session to discover, discuss and write out goals and plans for your future. This session will answer questions like: What are some of my life goals and how will I go about achieving them? What is my personal story and how have I learned from it? What are my goals for this year and how do I plan to achieve them? While things change that we do not have control over, this workshop can serve as a roadmap for your life, work, and goals.

Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial Mindset

According to the United States currently has 27 million entrepreneurs. There is no doubt that there has been a dramatic shift in our economy over the last 30 years from industrial to a technological/service/information orientation. The ability to start a business has never been more convenient and required less financial risk. Although starting a business can sound “easy” indeed, it is not. In fact, according to Biz Fluent approximately 56% of all small businesses fail within the first 5 years.  We hope you will join us in this workshop as it will give you an overview of what it is like to think and behave like an entrepreneur. We will also assess and discuss the extent to which each of you possesses various types of “entrepreneurial skills.”