Hans Hanson

Senior Admissions Advisor

Hans brings boundless passion to empowering students and families on their transformative college journey. With his wealth of expertise, he guides them in making informed decisions, ensuring each student's path leads to success and fulfillment.


Hans, a Senior Admissions Advisor for HelloCollege, has a remarkable journey that led him to his current role. In 2001, he founded an indoor sports training facility in Kingston, NY, where he interacted with numerous high school students, athletes, and their parents. Curious about their college plans, he discovered a recurring theme of disappointment and lack of guidance in the college admissions process.

One significant event changed the course of Hans’ life. While attending a varsity baseball playoff game, he asked the pitcher’s father about his college plans. The father’s frustrated response, “It’s not supposed to end this way!” resonated deeply with Hans. He made a personal commitment to dedicate his life to empowering young people to take control of their futures, using college as the platform for this mission.

To pursue his passion, Hans immersed himself in the world of college admissions. He gained valuable experience by working with both a national sports recruiting service and a northeast regional elite college admissions service. After several successful years, he realized he could better serve families by creating his own college-advising service.

In 2010, he founded CollegeLogic, a highly personalized college-advising service focused on achieving students’ desired outcomes while alleviating the financial burden on parents. CollegeLogic quickly gained influence, reaching families across the United States and expanding its reach to South America and India.

Driven by a desire to amplify his impact, Hans sought to merge his expertise and influence with a larger college advising service that could offer greater resources and support. It was this mindset and dedication to students’ interests that ultimately brought him to HelloCollege, where he found a fantastic team of professionals with whom to continue his mission of empowering and supporting students in their college journey.

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