Mickaela Shimow

Admissions Coordinator

Mickaela graduated from SUNY Purchase College with a Bachelors in English Literature and received a masters in Creative Writing from Sarah Lawrence College. She has extensive experience within higher education.


Driven by her love for English Literature and Creative Writing, Mickaela, embarked on her academic journey at SUNY Purchase College, where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in English Literature. She then pursued a Master’s degree in Creative Writing from Sarah Lawrence College, honing her skills as a wordsmith and storyteller.

Throughout her career, Mickaela has immersed herself in the world of higher education, gaining extensive experience managing tutoring programs for high school students. Her dedication to mentoring and supporting young learners has been a driving force in her professional journey.

As a seasoned tutoring program manager, Mickaela understands students’ unique challenges and the importance of tailored support. Her years of experience have allowed her to develop effective strategies that empower students, nurture their academic growth, and foster their success.

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