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We are dedicated to helping students and parents successfully navigate the college admissions process, providing a personalized experience based on your unique needs and goals.

College Admissions and Career Success Programs

We offer personalized college planning solutions that help high school students and their families successfully navigate the college admissions process and find the right college fit.

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College Admissions Made Easier

Build a Strong College List

We help you build a list of colleges that meet your personal aspirations and match your academics. We help you create a well-rounded list that is both realistic yet challenges you.

Reduce the Cost of College

We help you understand how demographics, academics and interests can help you save money for college. We work with you to create a custom scholarship application plan and target schools that fit your financial needs.

Graduate on time and in a career you enjoy

We provide an in-depth career analysis to discover your interests and aptitudes, then help you narrow down majors. We help you understand long-term impact of these choices on future earnings with the goal for you to graduate in four years.

"They were always willing to answer my questions and they gave me so many resources to help along the way. I appreciated how often they checked in with me and I knew they really cared.
Maggie M.
Attending Mount Holyoke College, MA
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