College Admissions Services

We guide families through college preparation, selection, admissions, applications, and essays in a personalized way to help your student find the perfect college fit

How Our College Admissions Services Work

Step 1.

College Planning Consultation

Schedule a free consultation with our experts to understand your goals and determine which plan is right for you

Step 2.

Meet Your Counselor

Meet your college counselor and begin to map out a custom plan to meet your student’s college goals

Step 3.

Develop skills & strategy

Attend engaging and interactive peer group workshops and utilize our digital tools to help your student check off critical milestones throughout the process

Step 4.

Personalized Meetings

Engage in regular meetings, strategy sessions, and check-ins with your counselor to keep you on track as you progress through high school to graduation


College Admissions Assistance

Only one in four students graduates from college in four years. Four out of five switch majors, and more than 25% transfer.  Applying to college is complicated.  HelloCollege is a comprehensive, guided program to help you avoid costly mistakes. We’ve got you covered.

Personalized Student Attention & Guidance

A dedicated counselor guides you through each step of the process. Your family and college counselor work together to build a plan that is tailored to your specific situation. These personal sessions provide you with all the information and guidance you will need to make the smartest possible decisions, covering areas such as high school course selection, how to identify schools that are the best fit for you, and how to get accepted.

Structure & Organization

Staying on track and knowing what to do is one of the most impactful aspects of HelloCollege’s services.  Our counselors and complementary digital tools provide a clear path to keep students from veering off track and moving toward their goals.

Academics & Testing

Reaching your full potential in the classroom and on the ACT and SAT comes down to preparation. Through HelloCollege, students work closely with their counselor to ensure they are taking the right classes throughout high school to set them up for success and to have a smart test prep strategy in place.

Major and Career Exploration and Identification

Does your child have an academic path charted for success in a future career? Your student will receive a robust career assessment and then structured one-on-one career guidance from your personal college counselor. Once you’re done, you will have a narrowed list of majors and careers.

Build a College List & College Discovery

You will have an invaluable opportunity to develop and refine a list of colleges that reflect your needs and desires utilizing HelloCollege’s S.A.F.E.© College List Strategy. In addition to being provided with tools to help you research, manage, rank, and track your potential colleges, you will receive hands-on guidance and counseling from our experts.

Stand Out to Admissions

Given the large and competitive pool of college applicants, students must learn how to “stand out” to pique the interest of admissions offices. Among the qualities schools desire in potential students are leadership, initiative, creativity and empathy.

Paying for College

Paying for college is expensive, and the financial aid process can be quite complicated. We help your family build a plan to reduce college costs through scholarships, merit-based aid, budget planning and FAFSA guidance.


Writing a winning college essay is challenging. It also is a key part of gaining admission to your preferred schools. Our expert essay coaches, with a combined 200-plus years of writing and editing experience, will guide you to craft an essay that improves your odds of being accepted.

Applications & Admissions

Selecting the appropriate application strategy and avoiding common mistakes can be a game changer in boosting acceptance odds.  You will work with your HelloCollege counselor to develop a strategy that ensures you will get into your preferred schools.

Leadership Development & Career Preparation

HelloCollege students not only come out with admissions success, but they also grow and develop in our program as young leaders and professionals. They engage in resume building, professional preparation, and college interview skills.

Request a Free Consultation

Our consultations are designed to help you create a roadmap through college admissions. We break down the process into simple terms and help your family understand what’s involved. Plus, you’ve got an expert right there to answer your pressing questions.