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HelloCollege isn't just a team of admissions counselors. We are guides. Our top notch college counseling services plus mentoring, means we're here to partner with your family to achieve the best college results for your student. We truly care.

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The reality is, you don’t know enough about college admissions. You’re doing your best to figure it out through school, friends, and free resources online.

But, you still feel slightly overwhelmed and anxious, unsure if you're making the right choices for your child's future.

The college application process isn't just about finding the best college; it’s about finding the right college.

That’s why we’ve developed our S.A.F.E. (Social, Academic, Financial, Employment) College List Strategy, which has helped tens of thousands of families navigate the college selection process. Finding the right college fit the first time will avoid expensive transfers and ensure your student lands a successful career after college.


With more than 6,000 colleges out there, each with its own unique social vibe. Finding the right one can be the difference between your child having a great time in school and their transferring.


We'll help you discover the perfect academic fit for your child, a college where they'll be appropriately challenged – striking the right balance between pushing their limits and thriving once they're there.


College costs can be confusing and intimidating, but if you know how to navigate them, you’ll be able to take control. We help you maximize scholarships and financial aid to reduce your costs.


When your child heads off to college, they're gearing up for a future job, and the choice of college can significantly shape their career path and earnings potential. Set them on the right track by applying to college that align with their goals.

At HelloCollege, these four factors form the cornerstone of our college counseling services. Our S.A.F.E. College List Strategy isn't about gaming the system to secure admission to a prestigious university. Instead, it's centered around identifying the perfect fit for your child and skillfully presenting their unique qualities for success. There are no shortcuts – just a formula for genuine achievement.

When you join HelloCollege you get a dedicated admissions counselor who will work with you on:

Our experienced admissions counselors and intuitive digital tools provide a structured approach that helps students stay organized and motivated throughout the application process. By offering continuous support and personalized guidance, we bring ease and stability to the college planning experience, allowing students and their families to confidently navigate each milestone and stay on track for a successful future.

Working closely with our counselors, students receive guidance on choosing the right high school courses and implementing a smart test prep strategy. We offer regular reviews of transcripts, personalized assessment of test score gaps, and tailored testing plans. Access to top online prep courses, expert-led strategy workshops, and practice tests with detailed reports ensure students are well-prepared for success. 

Ensure your child is on the path to a successful future career with HelloCollege’s structured approach to choosing a major. Following a self-discovery interests-and-aptitudes assessment, our college admissions counselors provide one-on-one guidance, offering comprehensive diagnostic reports to identify the best college major and career options. You can explore results through workshops and online college counseling sessions, narrowing your list of potential majors and careers. 

We make building your college list easy with our S.A.F.E. College List Strategy. Your admissions counselor will guide you through College Exploration meetings to uncover your preferences, and our College Ambassador program connects you with alumni for insights. Multiple strategy sessions result in a custom college list based on your career analysis. 

In a highly competitive college application pool, standing out is key. Your HelloCollege admissions counselor evaluates your competitive positioning with respect to other applicants. Then, through personal sessions, students and counselors collaborate to identify strengths. We then develop a strategy for showcasing your unique qualities – your Stand-Out Factor. We’ll then analyze potential schools’ acceptance rates and academic profiles, before offering strategies to improve admission odds for your top-choice schools.

HelloCollege helps families tackle college costs. Our online college counseling sessions and workshops cover strategies for affording college, winning scholarships, and maximizing aid. In sessions with our financial specialist, we’ll help you evaluate your annual budgets and your student’s aid potential, ensuring an airtight FAFSA application. We also help you dissect offers during an Award Assessment meeting, at which we’ll also help you increase aid through strategies like appeals. 

Our expert essay coaches, with over 200 years of combined writing and editing experience, provide hands-on assistance to elevate your essay writing skills. You’ll work with your coach to develop compelling topics and refine your essays. Essay coaches focus on your essay’s story, structure, and mechanics, ensuring your essays stand out. 

Work with your college counselor to develop a strategy tailored to boost acceptance odds, whether you’re applying Early Decision, Early Action, or Regular Decision. In our application strategy sessions we’ll create a timeline and select the right test submission policy. We’ll also help ensure your best presentation with guided workshops and private Common Application review sessions, while one-on-one mock interviews will prepare you for this vital part of the admissions process.

HelloCollege not only guides students to admissions success but also fosters their growth as young leaders and professionals. Through our program, you’ll engage in resume building, professional preparation, and college interview skills-building. You can also access our exclusive Parent Mentor Network for informational interviews, job shadowing, and internship connections with high-level professionals.

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HelloCollege offers students a customizable and comprehensive standardized test coaching experience to help students raise their SAT and ACT scores and improve their performance in the classroom.


Is your child struggling to keep up with the pace of AP or Honors coursework? Or do they have trouble staying on task?

Our highly skilled tutors can improve your child’s academic performance and confidence in school. They can provide your child with the knowledge and tools to excel in a variety of subjects.

Open the door to a better future for your child with personalized online tutoring services from HelloCollege.

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Your essays serve as a chance to shine in college admissions, but many students often tackle them incorrectly. Collaborate with our specialized essay coaches to uncover your student's unique story and make a lasting impression on admissions officers at their dream schools.

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