College Application Essay Topics: Narrowing the List

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Sometimes people have difficulty figuring out a single topic about which to write their college application essays. Other times students have too many topic ideas and have trouble choosing a single one. We will go over how you can make the topic selection process more manageable and pick the best topic for you to use in your essay. After all, you want to sway the reader towards accepting you into their college.

The first thing to do is write down every topic you have in mind. Writing them all down alongside one another will make the selection process easier.

Questions to ask when narrowing the list of topics

Once you write them all down, take a look at each one individually. As you do so, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Will I enjoy writing about this topic?
  2. Does my topic rely on some gimmick or involve trying to get a cheap laugh?
  3. Will I have an opportunity to describe something about my life that isn’t reflected in my application?
  4. Will I be able to write an essay that keeps the reader engaged from beginning to end?
  5. Is my topic controversial? If so, can I get my message across without being looked at negatively?
  6. Will I be able to write my essay in a way that’s memorable from the start?

These six questions should narrow down the field significantly. You will most likely find just one topic standing out from the rest. This will be the topic to write on. To produce the best college essay you can, you should make sure your topic passes the test by asking the questions laid out earlier. If you do, you should have no problem keeping the reader engaged, entertained, and remembering your essay.

By choosing the right topic for your college application essay, you’ll engage the admissions counselor and increase your chances of acceptance. Let HelloCollege help guide you with our expertise today!


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