The key to achieving your college goals is to plan ahead.

Don't let college admissions cause chaos in your family. HelloCollege takes the stress out of college applications and planning by offering step-by-step guidance for students and parents. We make students strong college candidates by helping them submit applications strategically. Contact us to start on the path to college acceptance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

College planning should start when high school starts. Beginning early enables your student to plan their Freshman & Sophomore years to set them up for success later, when college planning goes into full swing. It also allows your student to spread out their college planning tasks over years instead of months or even weeks, which decreases their stress—and yours.

Choosing a college is one of life’s most important and impactful decisions. Provide your student with the most opportunities, so they get the most from their college careers. Many families don’t hesitate to invest tens of thousands of dollars and months of time in their students’ sports or other extracurricular activities. By contrast, investing in your student’s college application process will cost far less time and money and will result in significant savings in the long run—and it won’t even clutter up your garage with unused tee-ball tees or model rockets.

HelloCollege’s holistic approach maximizes your student’s admissions potential and improves their odds of getting into their dream school. Students who work with HelloCollege are four times more likely to get into a highly selective college or university. But we’re not just here to help high-fliers get into Harvard. HelloCollege works with students from across the academic spectrum, whether they’re trying to climb their way into an Ivy, or if they just want to improve their financial aid package at their state university. Regardless of the school that best fits your student’s needs, we’re here to identify and gain acceptance to their best potential college fit; identify a major and academic path that suits their skills and prepares them for the workplace and adult life; and help families navigate this confusing, expensive, competitive process.

It’s our goal to ensure that every family has affordable and effective college planning. Depending on your needs and when you get started, we offer options ranging from a single essay edit to comprehensive college planning programs, the costs of which themselves range from several hundred to several thousand dollars. Your free consultation will allow us to assess your needs and determine what program would be the best fit for your family.

To ensure the accessibility of our services to every family, we offer a variety of payment plans and options to fit differing financial situations. We also offer free workshops and resources for families that prefer to tackle the confusing, competitive college planning process on their own.

All students benefit from strategic college admissions planning. We’ve worked with students interested in highly selective colleges, honors programs, state colleges, community colleges, international institutions, colleges with resources for students with learning disabilities, Division 1 athletics programs, and more.

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