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Students can begin college planning once they start high school.  It’s never too early to start.  Beginning early in high school enables your student to position their Freshman & Sophomore years to set them up for success in their Junior and Senior years when college planning goes into full swing.  It also allows your student to spread their college planning tasks over a longer period of time, which many students find decreases stress.

It’s our goal to ensure that every family has affordable & effective college planning.  We offer options ranging from a single essay edit to comprehensive college planning programs, ranging anywhere from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, depending on your needs and when you get started.  Your free consultation will allow us to assess your needs and determine what program would be the best fit for your family. Our college admissions plans are listed here, and you can request a quote by scheduling a free consultation with us.

To make our services attainable to every family, we offer a variety of payment plans and options to fit differing financial situations. We also offer free workshops and resources for families that prefer to tackle the confusing, expensive, competitive college planning process on their own.

HelloCollege offers both AP & standardized test prep for the SAT &/or ACT.  View more here.

While our packages are assembled to provide comprehensive college planning, we are able to tailor our offerings to fit your needs.  We can create a custom package comprised of an a la carte picking of our services to serve your goals.

Being that choosing a college is one of the most important and impactful decisions in life, it is worth providing your student with the most opportunities to get the best results from their college career.  Many families heavily invest in their student’s extracurricular activities.  A similar investment in your student’s college application process is a worthwhile backing of their future that will ultimately result in significant savings in the long run.  HelloCollege’s services pay off in terms of a solid college choice for your student:  a school that’s a good fit, knowing what major is right for them, and graduating on time to pursue a defined career path.

HelloCollege’s holistic approach maximizes your student’s admissions potential and odds of getting into their dream school.  Students that work with HelloCollege are four times more likely to get into a highly selective college or university.  Regardless of the school that best fits your student, we’re here to identify their best potential college fit, maximize their odds of getting in, and help families navigate this confusing, expensive, competitive process.

An integral part of our program involves a college major career assessment that measures a student’s interests, aptitudes, and personality.  We review these results with each student and put a plan together to explore these options in ‘real life’  through summer programs, research opportunities, mentor networks, or online courses.  These experiences help students explore, eliminate or pivot their career path options before choosing a major.

Changing majors is one of the primary reasons students take longer than four years to graduate college, with only 24% of college students graduating on time. Our program helps students zero in on the right major so they make efficient use of the time and money devoted to college.  90% of the students we work with graduate in four years!

We work with students nationwide using video conference, phone, email, text, a robust online portal, online tools, workshops, and resources.

Since March 2020, we have worked with more than 1,000 students on a fully virtual basis, including more than 330 in the class of ’21, who wrapped up the most successful admission class in our history. We have learned virtual college counseling and fully remote servicing are effective and efficient for meeting the goals of our families. 

Here’s why:

We help families save time and reduce stress.

  • No Commute – Families enjoy the 1-3 hour savings they realize for each meeting or workshop by not having to drive to our office.  We’re also able to help families across the globe prepare for college by connecting with them where they are instead of having them come to us.
  • Students can be incredibly busy with extracurricular activities, and their time is scarce.
  • We reduce stress caused by finding time for important college prep that sometimes gets forsaken due to other priorities.

More Personal 1:1 Time With Your Student

We are all adjusting to virtual meetings and increasing demands – a virtual setting enables us to meet more often and have more “check-in” calls to help your student stay on track without taking up a lot of their day.

In short, we have seen the convenience of virtual meetings result in more students accepted to the nation’s top schools, more selected to Honors programs, more financial aid awards offered, and more options to choose from.  We have found the remote platform allows us to deliver every aspect of our college planning services to help our students achieve their goals in college and beyond.

It depends on how much of a drop there was and if it was in the first or second semester as well as when you are applying. There is a more significant impact if you generally have A’s and receive a C or D in a class compared to dropping from an A to a B. It also matters whether you dropped in one class or in several. If your first semester grades drop, many colleges will consider this heavily in your application if they require your mid-year transcript (i.e., if you’re applying for regular decision or if you’re deferred).

Colleges prefer to see a fourth year of many core classes and like to see students maintain the rigor they have built since freshman year. Don’t let Senioritis lead to disappointment!

It depends on how many there are. Minor mistakes happen, but if your application has a lot of spelling errors, it may convey to the school that you either didn’t take the task seriously or that you are unable to write at the collegiate level.

In most cases, schools will not accept materials late. If you were applying for early action, you may still be able to apply for regular decision, but you likely will not be considered in the early action process. If you missed regular decision deadlines, you may not be considered at all. While you can contact the school if there was an extenuating circumstance to explain your situation, it’s better to plan to complete and submit essays, applications, and other components well ahead of the deadline.

Demonstrated Interest is what colleges use to determine how engaged the student is with that particular college. Some colleges may track things like attending college visits, completing virtual tours, attending university events, opening emails from the admissions team, etc. Moral of the story, some colleges will measure your engagement, so ensure you’re making an effort!

The school does not require you to send an ACT or SAT test score if you aren’t confident in your score or didn’t have a chance to take the test. This means the college will look more holistically at your application.

Test scores are not considered in your application even if you do send them over. The colleges that select this option will focus on a more holistic approach when viewing your application.

In the age of test-optional admission, curriculum rigor (how difficult is your class schedule) is more important than ever. With that in mind, if your school offers honors, dual enrollment, or AP classes and you choose to take the regular route, it could definitely have a negative impact on your college application. However, your grades are also very important, so it’s important to balance what you can challenge yourself with but also handle getting good grades in.

It depends on the college. It may or may not count for college credit (check AP Policy search for more details), but it can be used as a competitive advantage when applying to selective colleges.

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College Admissions Select Program

Work with a college counselor to determine the best fit school for the best price.

College Admissions Premier Program

This plan is for families seeking hands-on academic and college admissions support to maximize admissions odds.

College Admissions Elite Program

This program is for students seeking a highly selective college or university.

Senior Express

All of our programs can be customized and accelerated for seniors or incoming seniors.

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