Invest in Your Child’s Future

Every year, you invest thousands in home improvement, travel sports teams, and vacations. They're investments in your family's future — in your children's safety and comfort, in their physical fitness, and in memories to last a lifetime.

Why wouldn't you invest just as much in your child's college planning?

Your child's college decisions will affect the next 50 years of their life, so an investment now will pay dividends for decades. Most families that invest in college admissions planning see a net return in financial aid alone, but the peace of mind that college planning provides is priceless. HelloCollege's college admissions plans start at a few thousand dollars and are customized based on your needs.

College Admissions Select

Ideal for students needing support with a mid-level college list and aiming to maximize financial aid or scholarships, or for those seeking transfer assistance

College Admissions Premier

Ideal for students seeking improved admission chances, scholarships, or extra guidance, including students with an IEP or 504
  • Direct email and phone support from your Counselor
  • Increased support during application season with a ramped-up meeting schedule
  • In-depth college major and career guidance
  • Résumé building and professional preparation
  • High school course selection assistance
  • ACT/SAT test prep strategies and access to our online test prep platform
  • ACT/SAT practice exams
  • Letter of Recommendation assistance
  • Help building a school list of Target, Likely, and Reach colleges
  • Access to our proprietary scholarship toolkit and scholarship search coaching

College Admissions Elite

Ideal for students pursuing top-tier universities, includes support for students crafting a distinctive brand for their applications, and additional assistance in crafting exceptional essays
  • Direct email and phone support from your Counselor
  • Increased support during application season with a ramped-up meeting schedule
  • In-depth college major and career guidance
  • Résumé building and professional preparation
  • High school course selection assistance
  • ACT/SAT test prep strategies and access to our online test prep platform
  • ACT/SAT practice exams
  • Letter of Recommendation assistance
  • Help building a list of Target, Likely, and Reach colleges
  • Access to our proprietary scholarship toolkit and personalized scholarship search coaching

All of our college admissions plans feature a premium workshop series covering 10 crucial college planning milestones. HelloCollege costs also include access to our custom college planning platform with 100+ application guides, videos, tools, and resources. Also included is access to our essay editing platform, online test prep system, ACT/SAT practice exams, and a thorough career assessment.

Additional College Admissions Plans


variety of hourly packages available

ACT or SAT Test Preparation

variety of hourly packages available

Essay Coaching

variety of hourly packages available

Hear From Families Like Yours About College Admissions Plans

There's a reason we have a 4.9/5.0 Google rating and that no other competitor comes close. Hear what one recent HelloCollege grad has to say about our college admissions plans:

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HelloCollege is more than just college admissions help. We're a roadmap to success.

You're a dedicated parent, deeply invested in your child's future. You understand the importance of a quality education, but the road to college is complex and uncertain. You've scoured countless websites and consulted your school's guidance counselor, but these resources fell short of addressing your unique concerns.

Without expert help, your child may miss out on their best-fit colleges, scholarships, and career opportunities. The stress and confusion of an unstructured college application process can lead to choices that impact their future for years to come. The sooner you get started, the better results we can help your child achieve.

At HelloCollege, we help students at every stage of the college application process, from selecting courses at the beginning of freshman year, right up to analyzing offer letters and financial aid packages in the days before graduation. Our approach goes beyond basic advising: we offer personalized guidance tailored to your child's individual strengths, goals, and aspirations.

Families that Partner with HelloCollege, Save an Average of $30,000 in Tuition

Put Your Mind at Ease

How much does HelloCollege cost? When should we start?
You've got questions. We’ve got answers.

You know what’s really important, so let’s start with the bottom line: our expert scholarship and financial aid assistance saves the average HelloCollege family around $30,000. 

That’s a tremendous return on investment, but money isn’t everything. By enrolling your student, you’ll also reduce stress and gain invaluable peace of mind, knowing you’ve done everything possible to assist your child along their college journey. Our guidance helps your student meet crucial deadlines and requirements, enhance their admission chances, and maximize their financial aid throughout all four years of college. Additionally, by helping students plan their route through high school and college, we help our clients avoid costly detours, such as changed majors, college transfers, and delayed graduation timelines. We can even negotiate aid packages and assist with successful appeals. 

HelloCollege costs are comparable to what most families spend annually on sports clubs, furniture, or vacations. However, the stakes here are significantly higher. This investment is not just about immediate results but about securing a successful and fulfilling future for your child.

Yes! We offer a variety of free college planning workshops and resources for families that are just starting out or that prefer to tackle the challenges of the college planning process on their own.

It’s never too early to start working with HelloCollege. Early engagement allows for the optimal development of your student’s Stand-Out Factor, strategic course selection, extensive exploration of majors and careers, and the pursuit of valuable experiences through internships and summer programs. Initiating the process sooner also helps mitigate the stress associated with late starts, ensuring a smoother and more comprehensive college preparation journey.

But it’s also never too late to benefit from our support and college planning guidance. Everyone finds themselves playing catch-up from time to time. If you or your student have fallen behind in the college applications race, signing on with HelloCollege can help you to regain the lead. 

No problem! The HelloCollege program is fully customizable. Rest assured that our Counselors, Tutors, and Essay Coaches will adjust their focus to your unique needs. Families may always opt out of any workshop or curriculum component that doesn’t align with their priorities, ensuring a tightly tailored experience based on individual preferences and requirements.

We communicate with students through various channels, including email correspondence, one-on-one Zoom video conferences, and text messaging. Employing a wide range of available communication styles ensures effective and personalized interaction that engages your child where they’re most responsive.

Our custom online portal streamlines communication, making it easy for students to schedule meetings and reach out to their Counselor and other team members. Finally, our dedicated support team is available to assist whenever needed, ensuring a seamless and accessible communication experience for all.

While families can certainly navigate the college preparation process on their own, choosing HelloCollege leads to reduced stress, increased peace of mind, and — most importantly — better results, both for admissions and financial aid.

We understand the college application process. We know what elements are most likely to overwhelm, and so we can help families navigate around these pitfalls, alleviating the burden on parents while ensuring optimal outcomes for students. Unlike high school counselors who often carry caseloads of hundreds of students, our team of dedicated experts has the time and resources to stay up-to-date with real-time trends, discussions, and analyses. We possess a wealth of knowledge based on thousands of successful student examples, enabling us to provide valuable insights and strategies. Our unparalleled team of Counselors, Tutors, Essay Coaches, Finance Specialists, and Support Staff work together to provide comprehensive and unmatched guidance throughout your family’s college preparation journey. 

The average high school counselor spends only 38 minutes on each student per year.  Choosing HelloCollege provides your student with a distinctive advantage in terms of the frequency and expertise of their counsel. Every HelloCollege student receives hours of dedicated service from their Counselor and Essay Coach, in addition to extensive assistance from our Financial Aid Specialists and support staff.

Due to their limited resources and high caseloads, high school counselors often have a narrow view of the college application process, one limited to the needs of typical students at their specific school. But your student is anything but typical. HelloCollege offers a broader, nationwide perspective — service as unique as your student. 

Don’t get us wrong. High school counselors are hardworking and dedicated individuals. But they are individuals, whereas HelloCollege is a team. We’re a team that includes a host of experts specializing in every aspect of the college application process, from qualified Essay Coaches who can spot a missing comma from 1,000 yards to specialized tutors with years of training in every academic topic. Our experts offer a comprehensive approach, providing in-depth feedback and guidance on your application from a holistic perspective. This ensures a more thorough and tailored support system throughout your college preparation journey.

If your student lacks motivation, HelloCollege is adept at creating personal connections to actively engage them in the college preparation process. Our approach involves building relationships that inspire and motivate students, often yielding better results than relying solely on parental involvement. (And let’s face it: sometimes, students need to hear the same message their parents have been repeating for years — but coming from a different mouth.) We strive to make the application process enjoyable, tailoring our support to the student’s pace and preferences.

Partnering with HelloCollege also allows parents to step back a bit, encouraging previously unmotivated students to take more ownership of the college process and exercise some of the independence they’ll need once they leave home. At the same time, we provide structure to help guide them through the process and a safety net that will catch them if they err, ensuring they still meet every crucial application milestone. 

Absolutely not. HelloCollege is here to reduce workload, not make more of it. We personalize each student’s process, ensuring that they aren’t burdened by tasks that don’t apply to them. Much of the work is completed during meetings, to keep your student focused and provide in-the-moment support when questions arise. Doing so also prevents students from being overwhelmed with excessive homework.

Ultimately, college applications do require work from your student; we can’t change that. But we can ensure that your student will have less work, and that that work will be completed more quickly and at an earlier date than if you undertook the college application process alone. This approach helps students avoid the inevitable frantic rush associated with last-minute college applications. It also allows them to focus on crucial senior year courses, grades for which will be scrutinized by admission officers, and on extracurriculars, where, as seniors, they’re likely to hold important leadership time-consuming positions that are also critical to their application portfolio.

While in-person interactions have their merits, remote sessions offer unique advantages for your child. The convenience of avoiding travel time saves countless hours for already busy teenagers.  It also allows for more efficient scheduling. Additionally, opting for a counselor without geographical constraints opens the door to national talent, providing a higher caliber of expertise. Finally, the flexibility of remote sessions often translates to increased productivity, enabling us to accomplish more work in less time.

HelloCollege surpasses local consultants specifically because of our national approach. Our larger sample size of student data allows us to gain insights into what works, who succeeds, and why. At the same time, our expertise is deepened by our national perspective, which provides a more comprehensive understanding of diverse college environments.

Unlike a single local consultant, our team-wide approach provides access to experts in every part of the application process. Your local consultant doesn’t have an MFA in writing creative non-fiction or years of experience working as a professional editor; our Essay Coaches do. Your local consultant doesn’t have decades of experience in the financial services industry; our Financial Aid specialists do. No individual can excel in all aspects of the college preparation process. That’s why you hire a team, one whose members continually learn from one another, staying updated on trends and requirements.

That’s why you hire HelloCollege.

It’s Time to Take Control of College Admissions