10 Best College Admissions Resources

Whether you are a parent trying to find out more about college admissions or a high school student wanting to learn how to get into your dream school, it’s important to have all the relevant information about the admissions process.

The blogs we will talk about in this post are some of the best resources on the web. They cover everything from letters of recommendation to test prep, to writing your personal statement and even filling out your college application.

Best College Admissions Blogs:

We’ve gathered eleven top blogs that extensively discuss the college admissions process. Keep reading to find out which website best suits your needs!

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Your College Admissions Journey, Mapped Out!

Introducing our college planning timeline with a handy checklist of essential tasks, a step-by-step guide for every grade level, from freshman to senior year, AND financial aid, college applications, extracurricular activities, and more.

Georgia Tech Admissions Blog

Students interested in attending Georgia Tech should consider reading through the Georgia Tech Admissions Blog. The blog gives specific advice for their own admissions process as well as offering advice for students applying to other colleges. Posts are made by students and staff at the university, and the blog is updated monthly with the latest information about the college admissions process.

MIT Admissions Blog

If you’re interested in attending MIT or just want a little insight into the college admissions process at a top university, consider reading MIT’s admissions blog. They have a mix of expert writers and students writing about college life and admissions topics. 

Not every blog post will be relevant to you, especially if you are considering attending a different school. However, there is still a lot of good information for everybody on the MIT admissions site. 

US News: College Admissions Playbook

US News is known for its college rankings, but did you know that they also have a college admissions blog? If you’re stressed about applying to college, you can read their college blog, entitled College Admissions Playbook. 

Created by college experts, the US News admissions blog is another great resource for people wanting to learn more about college admissions and get an in-depth perspective on filling out an application!  

IvyWise College Admissions Blog

Written by some of the country’s top academic experts, IvyWise’s college admissions blog covers all kinds of admissions-related topics, including interviews, test prep, personal essays, and other important topics. Definitely check them out for reliable information.

College Confidential 

The College Confidential blog is one of the best-known online forums for people to learn more about the college admissions process. This large community is composed of students, parents, professors, and other college experts. Students and parents can read more in-depth discussions about the college admissions process on the College Confidential blog. If you want to have your pressing questions answered, visit this blog.

Admissions Consultants Blog

Admissions Consultants talks about admissions for specific schools in their blogs. Notably addresses admissions at specific schools. Admissions Consultants Blog holistic approach helps students navigate test prep, interviews, letters of reference, and other topics.

Great College Advice

Great College Advice is an admissions blog centered around college application tips. They review individual colleges and help students prepare for college by giving them advice they can use throughout their high school careers. If you want to plan your educational future early, look at their website, which has advice for students planning to go to college. 

The College Solution

The College Solution is a blog created by Lynn O’Shaughnessy. Lynn is a nationally recognized expert on higher education who has worked for decades as a journalist, helping to educate counselors and other college advisors. Her blog focuses on the most important aspects of the college admissions process and can help families avoid wasting money or time preparing for this huge milestone in their child’s life. 

The Savvy Applicant: Princeton College Consulting

Run by the Princeton College Consulting company, The Savvy Applicant is an online resource you don’t want to miss out on. Experts share insider information about admissions and college life. Students can find blogs on every topic related to college admissions

The Common Application – What’s Happening? Blog

We all know that the Common Application is one of the most crucial college admissions resources, but most people don’t realize that the Common App also has its blog. This is an excellent resource for students or parents who need advice on filling out the Common Application and general information about college preparation and admissions.

HelloCollege Blog

HelloCollege is dedicated to helping students and parents navigate the college admissions process with ease. On their website, you can find a multitude of detailed blog posts written by college consulting experts. Overall, it’s a great resource for anyone who wants to know more about college planning, selection, and admissions. 

Students can also sign up for private counseling with Hello College counselors who can help them get into their desired school, reduce college expenses, and plan for their future!

We at HelloCollege aim to help you get the most out of your university preparations. For more information about paying for college, and choosing a major that will aid in helping pay back student loans contact us.

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