Thank You Letters Speak Volumes in College Planning

For your high schoolers who may be embarking on college visits, a thank you letter to college admissions counselors shows your genuine interest in the college. It also demonstrates your respect for the individual who spent time with your family. That “thank you” conveys that you are a thoughtful, college-ready applicant.

For seniors nearing the end of the college admissions process, there is no better time than now to take a moment and thank the community that assisted you along the way. Teachers, coaches, school counselors, directors, employers, college counselors, and mentors are examples of people in your life who might have gone out of their way to lend you a hand.

Five Reasons Why to Send a Thank You Card

  • A thank you card on nice card stock, handwritten by you, shows you took time to reflect on what the other person has done for you.
  • A thank you card shows you’re acknowledging and respecting the recipient’s time by taking your own time to thoughtfully express your appreciation.
  • A thank you card in this digital age will stand out a lot more than an email.
  • A thank you card reveals your character. You’ll be more memorable to the recipient.
  • A thank you card is another way of networking. You never know when there may be a future opportunity with the person whom you are thanking.

Sample Thank You Note

(Be sure to include specifically how someone helped you.)

Dear (insert name),

Screenshot (4)

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I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the letter of recommendation you provided for my college application. I sincerely appreciate your time and thoughtfulness. I am excited to say that I will be attending the University of Wisconsin! Additionally, I enjoyed my year in your English class, especially several of the books we read and discussed. My favorite book and discussion were from the Color of Water by James McBride. I look forward to taking everything I learned in your class with me to my college-level courses in the fall.


(Insert your name)

The best way to show your gratitude is with a simple and meaningful thank you card. For more help preparing you for the college admissions process, contact us today!

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