How to Choose a Winning Personal Statement Topic

It can feel overwhelming to think about how you will craft your college admissions essay. After all, this personal statement will be a major factor in whether you will be accepted into your dream school or not. This article will explain what the most critical step you need to take is to write a great college essay.

Choose an Interesting Essay Topic

The most important feature of your personal statement is its topic. This will be something that will either grab the attention of the person reading it or cause them to nod off after the first few sentences. Conjure up a memory of a life experience from the past. Perhaps it was a challenging experience you persevered through. Maybe there was something you achieved that is a sign of how committed you are to seeing something through. There are a plethora of possibilities here. Whatever it is, you will have a unique perspective to share in your college essay.

Once you select your topic, you will want to write about it in the most engaging way possible. The best way to do this is by offering your unique perspective on it. This is something that will have powerful emotions tethered to it. Do your best to bring out those emotions and place them into your essay.

You will want to make several drafts of your winning college essay until you get the language and structure perfect. It’s worth it to dedicate extra time to this step.

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Take Time on Your Essay

This is just a brief primer on how you can write a winning college essay that will get you into the college of your dreams. It doesn’t have to feel overwhelming. You can take it one step at a time if you start early. You don’t even need to write it all at once.  If you are not feeling particularly motivated to add to it one day, skip it and come back to it the next. You may want to attend essay bootcamp or seek professional reviews and editing. This is an essay you will want to craft to perfection, so give it the careful attention and dedication it needs.

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