Best Summer Journalism Programs For High School Students

College admissions help Summer journalism programs for high school students

If you’re interested in becoming a journalist, you might want to research some journalism summer programs. There are tons of options for high school students who want to try out this career and beef up their resume before they attend college. 

A career in journalism can be an exciting path, especially for students passionate about writing and research. These summer programs are the perfect way for students to explore journalism while expanding their skill sets. 

In this post, we’ll discuss the best journalism summer programs, so you can see if this is the right field for you!

Top Journalism Summer Programs for High School Students

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The following journalism summer programs are some of the top programs in the country. We’ve narrowed down our list to ten choices we think have the most to offer high school students interested in a journalism career. 

1. High School Discovery (UGA)

The University of Georgia offers a weeklong summer program focusing on three study areas. Students between the ages of 13 to 17 study Journalism Entertainment, Advertising & Public Relations, and Media Studies. This is an in-person course that takes place on the UGA campus. 

High school students can expect to complete a writing portfolio by the end of the program. They will also learn how create non-print forms of journalistic media and entertainment, including podcasts, photo essays, and videos. You can learn more about this program here.

2. Montclair State University Summer Journalism Workshop

The Montclair State University Summer Journalism Workshop is a prestigious program that dives into media study and journalism. Students will learn from a range of industry professionals, including journalists, photojournalists, creative directors, and filmmakers. 

This five-day program is perfect for students interested in preparing for college-level work. It allows students to tour news studios and other media settings. In addition, students will learn valuable information about careers in journalism and other related fields!

3. Princeton Summer Journalism Program

If you’re interested in attending one of the best summer journalism programs, consider the year-long Princeton Summer Journalism Program. This college preparatory course is free of charge and culminates with a 10-day program on Princeton’s campus. 

Students must meet specific requirements to join the program. First, they must prove they are high-achieving and come from a low-income background. To apply, students must be in their junior year of high school.

Overall, the quality and depth of this program are worth your time. Students an entire year studying journalism and receive over a week of in-person instruction from some of the nation’s best journalism instructors. Participating students also receive a personal college advisor their senior year to assist in the college application, and during their time on-campus, they get a real taste of the college experience.  

4. The School of The New York Times

The New York Times is known around the world for its hard-hitting journalism. Remarkably, high school students can take a summer course through this famous media institution. There, students learn from professional journalists and get hands-on experience to further their journalism careers. And this program will look great on your college application and resume!

5. Newsroom by the Bay

Newsroom by the Bay . Is a summer program sponsored by Stanford University that focuses on helping students learn more about digital journalism. Participants use the latest technology to explore the field while expanding their skills as writers and critical thinkers. 

6. The Washington Journalism and Media Conference 

Each year, high school students can attend The Washington Journalism and Media Conference. This summer event is hosted by the National Youth Correspondents and provides students with hands-on journalism experiences. 

Students will travel to George Mason University and stay on campus for a week-long course. There, they will meet with award-winning journalists, media insiders, representatives of well-known media outlets, and other journalism professionals. 

7. Summer Journalism At NYU

Spending a summer in bustling New York City would be a dream for most high school students. Through Summer Journalism at NYU, you can make this dream a reality! Students accepted into this summer program spend two weeks learning from some of the world’s best journalism educators. 

A range of topics are covered in this course, including LGBTQ+ issues, world news, food, and entertainment. For some students, this course may even count toward college credit hours. 

8. The National Student Leadership Conference’s Film, Journalism & Media Arts Summer Program

The National Student Leadership Conference’s Film, Journalism & Media Arts Summer Program is a youth-centered journalism conference covering a wider range of media studies topics. There, students can explore journalism and other related media jobs. 

This is the perfect opportunity for high school juniors or seniors to explore their career options, including broadcast journalism, video production, investigative reporting, and even photography. 

9. Boston University: Summer Journalism Academy 

Through Boston University’s Summer Journalism Academy, students between the ages of 14 and 18 can learn about journalism from working reporters, preparing them for college and exposing them to some of the world’s best journalism experts. 

Classes are taught online and in-person for twelve days. Students will be taught the skills they need to be news reporters!

10. Columbia University Summer Immersion: Creative Journalism

The final journalism summer program we’ll discuss is Columbia University Summer Immersion: Creative Journalism. This unique program focuses on journalism’s more creative side. 

Here, students will learn to tell compelling stories through their writing while also learning about journalistic ethics, the importance of truthful reporting, and other crucial topics. 
This pre-college course is four days long and is open to all high school students. Students participate in writing workshops and share their work with other students for peer review. It’s the perfect opportunity to create writing for publication or your portfolio.

At HelloCollege, we know how difficult it can be to prepare for college and aim to make the process as simple and easy as possible. We want to help you get accepted into the university of your dreams!

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