The Best Science Classes for STEM Students in High School

Are you interested in what classes your student should take to prepare for a STEM Degree? Looking for recommendations to make their academic record stand out? Or do you just want to help them prepare for their major?

The “best” science classes for STEM students in high school depend on several factors, including your current curriculum, future academic goals, and specific interests. However, we can offer some general recommendations and things to consider:

Core High School Sciences:

  • Biology: A foundational element of STEM, covering basic life processes, genetics, and ecosystems. Consider taking AP Biology if you’re serious about pursuing a STEM field.
  • Chemistry: Delves into matter, reactions, and molecules. AP Chemistry can be challenging but rewarding for aspiring chemists, engineers, and medics.
  • Physics: Explores concepts like motion, forces, energy, and electricity. AP Physics comes in different flavors (C: Mechanics & E&M, 1 & 2) to cater to different needs.

Advanced Science Electives:

  • Computer Science: A vital skill for many STEM fields. Introductory or AP Computer Science classes teach programming fundamentals and problem-solving with code.
  • Environmental Science: Explores the relationship between humans and the environment, tackling important issues like sustainability and climate change. Consider taking AP Environmental Science if your school offers it. 
  • Anatomy & Physiology: Dive deep into the human body, which is ideal for pre-med or health science students.

Additional Tips:

  • Research opportunities: Look for research programs or internships in a lab or field related to your interests.
  • Science competitions: Participating in science fairs or competitions can further fuel your passion and test your knowledge.
  • Explore STEM fields: Connect with professionals in various STEM careers to learn about their experiences and gain insights into different paths.

Ultimately, the best science classes are those that spark your student’s  curiosity, challenge them  intellectually, and align with their academic aspirations.

We recommend parent involvement in selecting courses to assist your child in preparing for an academic career at the school of their dreams.

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Here are some resources to help you explore further:

Remember a well-rounded education is valuable, so don’t neglect courses in other subjects such as English, social sciences, and humanities. Effective communication skills and a broad knowledge base can complement your STEM expertise.

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