Best SAT Prep Books

Is your student preparing for the SAT? 

Choosing the best Digital SAT prep books depends on your individual learning style and budget. Here are some top options with their strengths and weaknesses:

Highly Rated Options:

  • Princeton Review Digital SAT Premium Prep, 2024: Offers 4 full-length practice tests, comprehensive content review, online flashcards and tools, and a humorous tone. Great for those who learn best with engaging explanations and practice.
  • Barron’s Digital SAT Study Guide Premium, 2024: Features 4 full-length practice tests, in-depth review of all sections, access to online practice questions, and a structured approach. Ideal for students who prefer thorough explanations and organized learning.
  • Kaplan Digital SAT Prep Plus 2024: Contains 1 full-length practice test, 700+ practice questions, detailed strategies, and adaptive online quizzes. Suitable for those seeking targeted practice and intensive strategies.
  • Decoding the Digital SAT: SAT prep book 2023-2024: Provides insightful strategies, realistic practice questions, and tips for navigating the digital format. Good for students who need extra help understanding question types and adapting to the digital platform.

Other Useful Resources:

  • The Official Digital SAT Study Guide: Developed by the College Board, it offers official practice tests, explanations, and insights into the new format. Recommended for familiarizing yourself with the actual test experience.
  • SAT Prep Black Book: Focuses on proven test-taking strategies and helpful tricks for improving scores. Can be a valuable supplement for sharpening your technique.

Consider these factors when choosing:

  • Practice Tests: Look for books with multiple full-length practice tests simulating the actual exam.
  • Content Review: Evaluate how detailed and clear the explanations are for each section (Reading, Writing & Language, Math).
  • Learning Style: Choose a book with a tone and approach that resonates with you (humorous, structured, strategic, etc.).
  • Budget: Compare prices and features to find the most cost-effective option that meets your needs.


  • No single book guarantees a high score. Combine your chosen book with other resources like online practice, official guide materials, and personalized tutoring for an even stronger preparation.
  • Focus on understanding concepts and practicing effectively, not just memorizing content.
  • Develop a study plan and stick to it to maximize your results.

Note: Remember to check the most recent editions of these books, as test prep materials are regularly updated to reflect changes in the test format and content.

Additionally, consider incorporating online practice tests and interactive features to get a better feel for the digital testing environment. Always check the official College Board website for the latest information and updates on the SAT.

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