College Counseling in Evanston, IL

With over 80 years of combined experience, HelloCollege stands ready to assist Evanston-based high school students in maneuvering through the complex and intimidating college application process. As more and more competitive students pursue higher education, institutions once considered “safety schools” have become more selective and elite. This competition will only continue to increase, forcing parents and students from Evanston to invest extra time and attention to stay ahead of the curve.

Private counseling with HelloCollege equips Evanston-based high school students with tools and ample support to build an impressive college application that tells their own unique story. By leveraging your student’s strengths and unique perspective, our dedicated HelloCollege college specialists will help invigorate key application components like standardized test scores, personal essays, letters of recommendation, FAFSA applications, and more. Whether your student is applying through early decision, early action, or rolling admissions, the HelloCollege team will help to ensure that an acceptance letter is forthcoming.

How Do College Counselors Support High School Students?

Effective counseling — of all types — relies on time and energy from a trusted professional. But more school guidance counselors report feeling overworked and having less time than ever to give personalized college counseling. Choosing a college is not something that is easily left to computer programs and mathematical algorithms.

Private college-planning counselors have no affiliation with school districts, opting to work for a third-party company instead. Private college-planning counselors utilize advanced knowledge of schools, degree programs, and admission practices, thereby helping to increase your high school student’s chances of enrolling in his or her first-choice university. By offering more in-depth services, private college planning counselors can dedicate more time, depth, and insight to reinforcing every component in the application package. From reviewing a resume to proofreading a Common Application personal statement, HelloCollege’s holistic services help students tackle each step in the college admissions process with laser-focused precision.

Can a HelloCollege Counselor Save Students Money?

Since public high school guidance counselors cannot always devote sufficient time to each student, many nearby families will hire a private college counselor. Families need better guidance on how to choose and apply for college. As families face rising tuition, competitive admissions, confusing financial aid, and a challenging job market, proactive planning is more important than ever. A college counselor can help Evanston-based students identify the areas in need of improvement to become more compelling candidates for college admissions officers. The fees can vary widely depending on the agency and specific package your student needs. Some counselors charge hourly rates, but most will bill a flat fee when you purchase a package.

At HelloCollege, our team cannot stress enough the importance of choosing a college that ultimately benefits your student’s needs and goals the first time around. Declaring a major is one of the primary reasons students end up taking longer than four years to graduate college, resulting in heftier loans and expenses. Other costs, like sending out applications, transferring colleges, or taking remedial classes, can also become expensive.

But a college counselor at HelloCollege will spend more time to better understand your child and recommend colleges where that student will thrive. Furthermore, our team of college counselors will assist your student in finding financial support, potentially reducing expensive tuition costs.

Receive Support from the Top College Counseling Center in Evanston

Welcome to Evanston, a vibrant community that’s rich with cultural diversity and a laidback atmosphere. With Northwestern University as one of its major hubs, Evanston also has a long history that extends back to the abolitionists during the Civil War. Home to many cultural outlets and a booming business economy, Evanston has garnered a renowned reputation for its beautiful lakefront homes, awe-inspiring architecture, and many public amenities.

Art enthusiasts can spend the afternoon wandering the Halim Time & Glass Museum, dive deep into the town’s historic roots at the Evanston History Center, or exploring exhibits in the Block Museum of Art at Northwestern University. When dinnertime rolls around, Evanston residents have a diverse collection of restaurants to choose from. Get lucky with your food at the Lucky Platter or eat some Chicago-style pizza at Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria. Alternatively, you can delight your taste buds with an exotic mix of Mediterranean, European, and Spanish cuisine at Tapas Barcelona.

Since Evanston has a strong public education school system, parents and families can take comfort in knowing that their children will receive an exceptional education with best-in-class teachers. Students enrolling in the Evanston Central Consolidated School District 65 can attend a range of public schools, including Lincoln, Orrington, and Kingsley elementary schools. As students transition into high school, the rigorous curriculum will prepare them for college-level coursework. This includes coursework in STEM subjects as well as advanced courses in various subjects. Evanston is also home to several private schools, including Beacon Academy, Pope John XXIII School, and St. Athanasius School.

Chicago’s One-Stop College Counseling Center Near Evanston, IL

As the No. 1 college counseling team in the Evanston area, HelloCollege offers a range of comprehensive packages, as well as individual services that we customize to meet each pupil’s needs, including essay reviews, college budgeting, and major and career assessments.

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