Career Counseling in Glencoe, IL

College presents the opportunity to mold your student’s future, as it can influence career opportunities and salary potential. Many students view career planning as daunting because they focus on the outcome while often overlooking the decision-making and planning process. Hiring a HelloCollege career coach can help your student better understand and appreciate all the options, construct an action plan, and succeed as a lifelong learner.

Since 2012, HelloCollege has proudly supported more than 1,200 students in the Chicago metropolitan area and nationwide. Our career counselors will help students tap into their strengths so they can thrive in their future careers. Buttressed by more than 80 years of combined experience, the HelloCollege career counseling team brings an unmatched level of knowledge to guide students and future professionals towards their dream careers.

What is a Career Counselor?

Choosing a career is not always top of the mind for high school students. But it’s never too early to consider possible options, especially since a student’s career path is not likely to follow a straight line. Using a career coach can give high school and college students support to make better educational and career choices. Having a solid career path in place can serve as a reliable roadmap to help students reach their goals.

Furthermore, collaborating with a private HelloCollege career counselor lets Glencoe-based students discover new paths that align with their interests and passions. So whether you are looking to help your students begin their career exploration journey for the first time or refine skills, HelloCollege can support you every step of the way.

Why Students Should Hire a HelloCollege Career Counselor

A growing number of high school students report feeling intense pressure to have a career plan before high school graduation. Nationally, 80% of college students change their major at least once before graduation, while just 21% graduate within four years and hold a job related to their major. Studies show that students with at least a general idea of the career they would like to pursue have an easier time choosing a college major. Further, students will embrace and delve into the coursework required for that career path.

Having a clear understanding of the best career choices translates to superior planning. Selecting the appropriate career path requires careful organization, plenty of research, and self-evaluation. A student’s interests, strengths, and personality play a big part in determining which careers will yield the most personal satisfaction. By conducting a career assessment, the HelloCollege counselors show where students need development in work skills or business world experience.

Receive Insights from Glencoe’s No. 1 Career Counselors

Bordered by Lake Michigan, the Cook County Forest Preserve, and the Glencoe Golf Course, Glencoe offers residents an opportunity to engage in an active community and a rewarding lifestyle. With an abundance of parks, beach facilities, and a prospering business center, Glencoe features plenty of public amenities. Try visiting the family-friendly Old Town Aquarium and take in the marine life and aquatic shops. Savor your food at Valor Glencoe or Guildhall, or enjoy delectable French dishes at Frank & Betsie’s Restaurant. Engage in the Glencoe community by donating to holiday drives, participating in events, or volunteering at nonprofit organizations.

The Glencoe School District provides a strong education foundation for students. It is housed in three age-centered facilities: South School, West School, and Central School. The school district’s underlying goal is to help prepare students for enrolling in New Trier Township High School. New Trier is considered one of the nation’s top high schools, with a focus on maximizing students’ creativity and work ethic. Glencoe-based students may also enroll in nearby Chicago-based private schools like Sacred Heart School or North Shore County Day.

Explore Future Job Choices with HelloCollege’s Career Counselors

As the preferred college counseling team in the nearby Glencoe and Chicago area, HelloCollege offers comprehensive career planning packages, as well as individual services that we tailor to match each student’s needs. From college major assessments, career analysis, résumé reviews, and personality inventories, HelloCollege can play a key role in helping your child start exploring new career opportunities.

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