College Admissions Services in Highland Park, IL

With hundreds of elite universities to consider and strict deadlines to meet, Highland Park High School students cannot take the college search lightly. At HelloCollege, our admissions advisors extend personalized college planning solutions that have helped over 1,200 students and their families in the North Shore area finish the complex college admissions process and find the ideal college fit.

Nearby Chicago students need to think about what is most important when choosing a college. Many different factors can influence your student’s final decision: curriculum, size, location, cost, sports, activities, and more. Before your Highland Park student decides on a specific school, you and your child must evaluate your goals, needs, and lifestyle.

The HelloCollege advisors will address these concerns, evaluate your student’s current position, and devise an action plan to ensure your child’s success. HelloCollege will collaboratively build a plan tailored to your child’s specific situation. Through private sessions, our team will equip your student with all the information and guidance he or she will need to make the smartest possible decisions. Focus areas include high school course selection, college budget considerations, and how to identify schools that are the best fit for your student.

What is the S.A.F.E College Fit Methodology for College Admissions?

There are over 2,000 four-year colleges in the United States, each with a unique constellation of resources, course offerings, and extracurricular programs. Students who focus only on a handful of the most selective or well-known colleges are missing out on the wonderful range of schools that exist and that might be a good fit for them.

To better aid students in the college search, HelloCollege created the S.A.F.E framework. Using this model, the admissions counselors at HelloCollege break down four key areas — social, academic, financial, and employment — that students need to consider before identifying, applying to, and committing to a college.

Social Fit

Ensuring that a university matches up with a student’s personality will prove beneficial in the long run. As such, the social component of the S.A.F.E. framework focuses on various aspects that a student should consider before applying to a college, including location, climate, campus size, campus and learning environment, extracurricular activities, and special programs.

Academic Fit

Most college freshmen enter their undergraduate studies with a broad idea about what type of degree they wish to pursue. But approximately 35% of students transfer schools and over 80% change majors. These choices result in an average of 5.8 years in college and potentially add years of student loan debt. The academic component of the S.A.F.E. framework ensures that colleges meet a student’s academic needs. Areas of focus include classroom size, academic resources, and available majors and degrees.

Financial Fit

The financial component of the S.A.F.E. framework addresses college budgeting concerns. Paying for college is typically the greatest challenge that students and families face. Many highly selective schools don’t give merit aid; however, they may award generous need-based aid. Moreover, the sticker price is rarely what your student will pay to attend a college. Using HelloCollege’s methodology, students will learn about each target school’s gross cost, estimated net cost, and the levels of financial aid available.

Employment Fit

The employment piece in the S.A.F.E. methodology helps students find a college that provides ample support for expanding career opportunities. The main objective of undergraduate studies is to obtain credentials and knowledge that ultimately will advance the student’s career. When considering a career, it’s best to look at statistics in the student’s particular major, as they vary across the college. Try to find out how successful students in your major are at securing a job after graduating college.

Highland Park’s One-Stop Center for College Admissions Services

Highland Park is a lively suburban city located in the southeastern part of Lake County, Illinois, and just 25 miles from Chicago. Residents of Highland Park claim the city is “the heart of the North Shore.” Highland Park’s downtown area boasts adorable boutiques like Covered Girl Clothing and a large selection of dining options like Pappagallos Pizzeria and Bridge Turkish and Mediterranean Grill.

Highland Park’s business community offers a wealth of services to help you through your to-do list on any given day, including auto dealerships, home improvement providers, and pet walking businesses. With fantastic cuisine, world-class shopping, fun local beaches, and hiking trails, Highland Park is one of the best places to relax along the North Shore.

With seven elementary schools, two middle schools, and an early childhood center, the North Shore School District strives to educate and grow the next generation of leaders. You can rest assured that the North Shore School District will nurture every child to become an inspired learner. Alternatively, students living in Highland Park can enroll in private learning institutions like Montessori Connection East, Montessori Connection West, and Highland Park Montessori.

Find the Ideal College Fit with HelloCollege

At HelloCollege, our college counselors know the key to successful college admissions involves providing clarity. We believe that students thrive through laser-focused instruction and constant constructive feedback, which is why the renowned HelloCollege team merges Ed-Tech and Hi-Touch services to streamline the college admissions process. Thanks to HelloCollege’s 80-plus years of combined experience, an acceptance letter from an elite university is almost in your student’s grasp.

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