Is College Worth It in 2023?

Deciding whether to pursue higher education or enter the workforce directly after high school is one of the biggest decisions young people face today. With the ever-increasing cost of college education and student loan debt, many wonder whether a college degree is worth the investment.

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Debates over the value of a college degree have raged on for years. Some argue that it leads to higher salaries and more job opportunities, while others believe the costs outweigh the benefits, burdening graduates with debt and uncertain job prospects.

College seemed like the clear path to success in the past, but skyrocketing tuition fees have changed the landscape. College costs have risen by over 17 percent in the last decade alone, resulting in record-breaking student loan debt of $1.6 trillion.

So, is higher education a scam or a golden ticket to success? The answer is complex but not impossible to find. That’s why we offer you our white paper, “Assessing the Value of College Education: Is It Worth the Cost?” Authored by Kevin Krebs, HelloCollege’s founder and a seasoned college counselor with 20 years of experience, this paper provides an extensive analysis of the social, academic, and financial aspects of obtaining a college degree. It also offers valuable tips on minimizing student loan debt and maximizing earning potential.

By reading “Assessing the Value of College Education: Is It Worth the Cost?” students and their families can take an active role in the college decision-making process, gaining a deeper understanding of the value of higher education and becoming more confident in the decision to pursue or not pursue a college degree. We hope Kevin’s paper can serve as a starting point for discussions between students, their families, and their educators about the role of higher education in their lives and society.

Kevin Krebs - Founder of HelloCollege
About the Author

Kevin Krebs

Kevin Krebs is a first-generation college student, entrepreneur, and Founder of HelloCollege, the Midwest’s leading college planning company. With a passion for empowering students and parents, Kevin offers expert college admissions and financial planning guidance. Through HelloCollege, he has assisted thousands of families in navigating the complex world of higher education. Kevin’s mission is to shape the next generation of scholars, helping them graduate in four years, avoid excessive debt, and establish successful career paths. With a focus on transparency and personalized support, HelloCollege is revolutionizing the college admissions process.

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