Career Counseling in Chanhassen, MN

The passage from high school to college is a major change in a student’s life, marking the beginning step in your child’s journey to finding a future career. Does your child have a clear career plan charted for college and beyond? If not, the career counselors at HelloCollege can help steer your student in the right direction.

Welcome to HelloCollege, the one-stop-shop for career counseling in Chanhassen and the nearby Twin Cities area. When working with our trusted team, your student will receive a robust, one-on-one career assessment and then structured guidance from a certified HelloCollege career coach.

Reinforced by more than 80 years of combined experience, HelloCollege has proudly helped more than 1,200 students overcome career obstacles. The assessments and tools provided at HelloCollege will enable your college-bound child to pinpoint potential college majors and career interests, and devise an appropriate plan.

How Can Career Counselors Help Minnesota Students?

Some high school juniors and seniors possess a broad idea about possible career paths and future occupations they wish to pursue in their undergraduate studies. According to national averages, the top five college majors are business administration and management, psychology, nursing, biology, and education. Unique factors — such as academic skills, interests, passions, and industry goals — can all contribute to a college student’s choice of major. 

While seeking a college degree, many students concentrate on boosting critical and analytic thinking or exploring the humanities, arts, or social studies. When graduation finally rolls around, some college students realized the major they selected won’t guarantee an immediate job opportunity. But through proper career guidance with HelloCollege, Chanhassen students make more informed decisions that fuel their long-term career aspirations.

When partnering with HelloCollege, our career counselors focus on: 

  • Amplifying students’ résumés
  • Assisting students in locating and applying for jobs
  • Building a career action plan
  • Helping students practice networking and interviewing skills
  • Identifying career fields that are best for the student
  • Using aptitude and achievement assessments to help students evaluate their interests, skills, and abilities

Why Do Students Need a Polished Résumé?

Résumés aren’t solely used for landing a job; a well-written résumé can give your student a one-way ticket into a top-ranked college such as California Institute of Technology, Loyola, or the University of Minnesota. A high school résumé can highlight your child’s academic achievements, volunteer or work history, extracurricular activities, and interests. More importantly, this essential document lets colleges get to know your student in a more personal and professional manner.

During the college admissions process, a great résumé can help your student brainstorm essay topics, help prepare for interviews with admissions officers, and serve as an excellent resource for scholarship applications. Once your student is enrolled in college, a refined résumé is useful for creating an engaging LinkedIn profile and securing valuable internships. Let HelloCollege’s experts teach your child effective résumé strategies that showcase strengths and accomplishments in a captivating way.

Reliable Career Counseling in Chanhassen, MN

Renowned for its numerous outdoor activities, rapid job growth, and low crime rates, Chanhassen is highly ranked on the list for the best places to live in the U.S. With its increased real estate values and friendly neighborhoods, it is extremely attractive to visitors and residents. Located only 15 miles from Minneapolis, Chanhassen is the prime location for students to gain experience in the business world through internships.

Whether you are in the mood for a traditional breakfast or a quick cocktail at the bar, Chanhassen has it all at Bacio and Pinstripes. Fully immerse yourself in the Paisley Park Museum and discover more about some of the beloved celebrities of the past. Want to appreciate nature’s beauty? Take a walk and enjoy the magical scenic landscapes at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum.

With personalized learning styles and a large number of students excelling in reading and mathematics, families can rest assured that their children will be in good hands. Encouraging students to engage with the provided learning tools is an important aspect of the Easter Carver County School’s collaborative environments. Children of all ages can learn to find their voice to better understand and help their community.

Explore Future Job Choices with HelloCollege’s Career Counselors

At HelloCollege, we know that success depends on more than just hard work and smarts. Unearthing the perfect career requires ample research and self-reflection. From college major assessments, career analysis, résumé reviews, and comprehensive personality surveys, HelloCollege can play a significant role in helping your Minneapolis child explore new career opportunities through info-packed workshops and customized packages.

Your Major & Career Exploration package will include:

  • A customized career assessment that narrows your list of potential majors by:
    • Connecting your natural talents and interests to in-demand careers
    • Providing students with valuable data need to make informed decisions regarding career choices
    • Reviewing the potential earnings and lifestyle considerations of various careers
  • A Career Exploration Workshop
  • Access to our comprehensive list of career-oriented summer programs

Are you a Chanhassen, MN student searching for career counseling services near you? Call (224) 477-2482 to schedule your free consultation with the HelloCollege team today!


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