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Welcome to HelloCollege, Eden Prairie’s No. 1 center for college admission services. Even the most talented students can benefit from college guidance, which is why our team extends a collection of premium workshops and informational boot camps. Meaningful college advice relies on knowledge gathered from years of industry experience. Having helped over 1,200 students with their college planning, the HelloCollege counseling team can help your Eden Prairie student earn that coveted acceptance letter.

At HelloCollege, we believe your student is more than just a number. Suitable for students in 9th, 10th, 11th, or even 12th grade, our college admissions services always start with an open conversation. This critical meeting lets HelloCollege learn about your child’s background, including education and activity experiences, personal background, and goals.

Why Should Students in Eden Prairie Hire an Admissions Counselor?

Before applying to colleges, high school students must understand how the admissions process works. Acceptance rates, GPA requirements, standardized test scores, and financial aid opportunities vary depending on the particular college. In response to the overwhelming number of students enrolled in high schools, many guidance counselors are unable to provide adequate college advice. But working with an independent college admissions consultant allows students to get the guidance they deserve.

An independent admissions consultant helps students sift through the paperwork necessary to apply for both admission and financial aid. More importantly, these experts will ensure students meet all deadlines. Further, students typically apply to anywhere between three and ten colleges, so managing all the applications requires a scrupulous eye. An admission consultant’s advice and resources help to improve students’ application packages and propel them to their first-choice college. 

How Can HelloCollege’s S.A.F.E College Fit Methodology Benefit Your Child?

To better support students searching for the perfect university, HelloCollege created the S.A.F.E framework. Through this model, our admissions counselors break down four key areas — social, academic, financial, and employment — that students need to consider before identifying, applying to, and committing to a college.

Social Fit

The social component of the S.A.F.E. framework focuses on various aspects that a student should consider before applying to a college, including location, climate, enrollment size, campus and learning environment, extracurricular activities, and special programs.

Academic Fit

Nearly 35% of college students transfer schools and over 80% change degree programs. These diversions result in an average of 5.8 years in college and potentially add years of student loan debt. The academic component of the S.A.F.E. framework ensures that colleges meet a student’s academic needs in terms of classroom size, academic resources, and degree programs.

Financial Fit

The financial component of the S.A.F.E. framework addresses college budgeting concerns. Using HelloCollege’s methodology, students will learn about each target school’s gross cost, estimated net cost, and the levels of financial aid available.

Employment Fit

The employment piece in the S.A.F.E. methodology helps students find a college that provides ample support for expanding career opportunities. When brainstorming career paths, it’s best to look at statistics in the student’s particular major, as they vary across the college. Try to find out how successful students in your major are at securing a job after graduating college.

The Best College Admissions Consultants Near Eden Prairie, MN

Located just outside Minneapolis, Eden Prairie provides an ideal environment for a quaint, peaceful lifestyle. The city boasts nearly 10,000 acres of land designated for its breathtaking parks and open spaces and contains a multitude of beautiful lakes and beaches.

With an abundance of award-winning restaurants, shopping centers, and top-ranked schools, it’s no wonder why 95% of residents rate the quality of life in Eden Prairie as above average. With a myriad of entertainment centers and numerous lifestyle options, Eden Prairie is a welcoming community with a thriving economy suitable for raising a family.

Eden Prairie operates six public elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school. Serving nearly 3,300 students, Eden Prairie High School is the second-largest high school in Minnesota. Subject offerings include extensive mathematics and sciences, English, literature, humanities, and computer science. The district also grants opportunities for students to participate in music, athletics, visual and dramatic arts, and extracurricular clubs. Eden Prairie is also home to Hennepin Technical College, with approximately 7,000 students enrolled.

Superior College Admissions Services — Find Your Perfect Fit Today

Whether Eden Prairie students seek specialized packages or in-depth guidance on the entire college admissions process, HelloCollege’s expertise can help them achieve the best possible results. Unlike large-scale college planning companies, our disciplined team of college admissions advisors focuses on merging Ed-Tech with Hi-Touch so students can enjoy a meaningful experience that fuels their higher-education goals.

Our industry-leading experience allows the HelloCollege admissions team to deliver the personalized attention your student needs to stand out from the diverse pool of competitive applicants.

Are you an Eden Prairie, MN student in need of a college admissions counselor near you? Call (224) 477-2482 to schedule your free consultation with the HelloCollege team today!


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