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Applying to college ranks among the most difficult challenge that students in Plymouth will encounter in their high school careers. The stress that students and parents face during the college application process feels overwhelming at times, but HelloCollege can help your Plymouth-based student minimize their stress levels. Our college admissions consultants possess a sophisticated and unmatched understanding of how to polish, diversify, and strengthen your student’s application. Our college consultants at HelloCollege work one-on-one with your Minneapolis student to develop strategies to grow their academic passions, identify the best college fits, and build an action plan to achieve those goals.

HelloCollege’s model unites Ed-Tech with Hi-Touch to give students a constructive experience. Through our learning portal, St. Paul-based students can leverage a personalized dashboard where they receive personal messages from HelloCollege’s career coaches, save important files, and register for in-house workshops. Moreover, students can use third-party resources like career assessment tests, ACT and SAT resources, and a college essay tool.

How Many Schools Should be on a College List?

With over 5,000 accredited colleges and universities across the U.S., high school students in Plymouth may feel stress levels surging when reviewing possible choices. Assuming students do not apply through early decision, the HelloCollege team believes a college list typically should contain 8 to 10 schools with a combination of safety, target, and reach schools.

  • Target Schools: Target schools are institutions where your student’s academic credentials align with the school’s average range for accepted applicants.
  • Safety Schools: Sometimes referred to as a “backup school,” your child will most likely be admitted based on his or her academic profile. Your student’s GPA and test scores will be notably higher than those of the average admitted student.
  • Reach Schools: Reach schools, like the University of Pennsylvania or Stanford, have the highest admissions standards. Your student’s academic credentials should either match or fall just short of what your reach school requires.

Applying to a range of schools will ensure that your Plymouth student can set ambitious goals while also having appealing fallback options. Ideally, your student’s college list should have 2 to 3 reach schools, 2 to 3 safety schools, and 4 to 5 target schools.

What are the Most Common College Admissions Options? 

When the time to apply to colleges arrives, high school students need to select among different admission choices. While some institutions offer more choices, the most common college admission options are early action, early decision, regular decision, and rolling admissions. Understanding how these policies work will guide your student’s application process and help determine the college planning timeline.

  • Early Action (EA): Unlike early decision, early action is a non-binding process that lets students apply to one or more schools earlier than regular applicants. Furthermore, students do not have to accept if admitted, allowing them time to wait on other college responses to compare financial aid offers.
  • Early Decision (ED): Early decision is the most restrictive form of early admissions. Early decision applicants may submit only one early decision application to one school. Students can submit applications to other colleges but agree to withdraw those applications if admitted to the school they applied to through early decision.
  • Regular Decision: This is the most common college admission type. Regular admission allows students looking for flexibility to apply to as many schools as they want. Regular decision is nonbinding, and students need to make a final decision by May 1.
  • Rolling Admission: Colleges and universities with a rolling admissions policy evaluate applications as they receive them. Applying through rolling admission is essentially the same as other application deadlines. The only difference is there is no set deadline. Colleges will typically accept applications until they have filled all the open spots.

Enroll at HelloCollege: Plymouth’s No. 1 Team of College Admissions Coaches

With a population of nearly 80,000, Plymouth is Minnesota’s seventh-largest city. Plymouth residents also have access to many spectacular natural features, including more than a half-dozen large bodies of water. Medicine Lake, Hennepin County’s second-largest lake, is situated in Plymouth, drawing in anglers and boaters. The city’s extensive trails and parks, picturesque open spaces, and diverse recreation programs make it perfect for exploring through walking, hiking, and even biking.

The iconic Hilde Performance Center is Plymouth’s defining landmark, featuring the acclaimed Minnesota Orchestra each summer during Music in Plymouth. The facility also hosts a wide variety of community events, such as Kids Fest, Bark in the Park, and Movies in the Park, that draw tens of thousands of visitors each year.

Five school districts — Wayzata, Robbinsdale, Osseo, West Metro, and Hopkins — serve Plymouth. However, the majority of students living in Plymouth enroll in the Wayzata Public School District. Alternatively, students can enroll in private schools like Providence Academy, West Lutheran High School, and Fourth Baptist Christian School.

Help Your Plymouth Student Find the Ideal School Match with HelloCollege

The HelloCollege admissions consultants are respected professionals with decades of experience helping students just like yours earn admission into some of the most highly selective and acclaimed universities in the world. From choosing classes and prepping for standardized tests to creating a robust resume and maintaining strict deadlines, HelloCollege will help your Minnesota student stay organized through the entire college admissions process.

Together, the HelloCollege team will devise a solid plan that motivates your student to take control of his or her academic future. We’ve helped countless students living near Minneapolis enroll in their dream college. Let our admission specialist unlock your child’s potential.

Are you a Plymouth, MN student looking for an expert college admission counselor near you? Call (224) 477-2482 to schedule your free consultation with the HelloCollege team today!


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