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Andrea Emmons is not just a CEO; she's a mentor, a leader, and a force for positive change in education. Her innovative approach and genuine care for students are shaping a brighter and more equitable future in higher education.


Andrea Emmons is a visionary leader and mentor with a strong commitment to guiding students on their path to college success. With over 15 years of experience in the education industry, Andrea has played a pivotal role in revolutionizing the EdTech sector and product management. Her passion for empowering students, determination, and innovation have made her a prominent figure in the field.

Andrea’s dedication to helping students stems from her experiences as a headstrong teenager with an uncertain direction. Encouraged by her grandmother and sports coaches, she recognized the power of guidance and mentorship in shaping one’s future. This belief has driven her career, empowering students to make informed choices that lead to better outcomes. 

Andrea’s professional journey started when she became an integral part of the NCSA (Next College Student Athlete) team, where she played a key role in building the organization into the influential powerhouse it is today. During her tenure, she gained an extensive EdTech and Product Management background, harnessing cutting-edge technologies to better serve the needs of students aspiring to enter college.

Driven by a vision to provide students personalized guidance and support, Andrea took on the CEO role at HelloCollege. Under her leadership, the company has emerged as a leading platform, offering tailored solutions to students, helping them unlock their potential and achieve their academic dreams.

Andrea’s leadership style is firmly grounded in core values that drive her and her team’s daily endeavors. These values include Perseverance, Passion, Adaptability, Teamwork, and Integrity. She firmly believes that instilling these values in both her team and the students they serve can positively impact the education landscape, fostering a community of driven and compassionate individuals.

Beyond her work, Andrea enjoys exploring her interests, which include volleyball, which she played in college, biking, and spending quality time with her husband David and sons Cooper and Chase. Her broad range of hobbies reflects her belief in maintaining a well-rounded life, where personal growth and professional excellence go hand in hand.

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Sarasota, FL

Area of Expertise

  • Student-Athletes
  • Community Colleges- Alternative Pathways
  • College Planning Timelines
  • Education Technology
  • Product Management
  • Business Acumen
  • Leadership

Andrea's Education and Certifications

  • Bachelor of Arts University of South Carolina (Aiken)
  • AIPMM Certified Product Manager

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