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Ian Simon

Director of Tutoring and Essay Services

Ian has dedicated his life to helping others achieve their full potential and learn about the world around them. After graduating from UIUC with a BS in Electrical Engineering, he owned and operated a private tutoring business, where his team specialized in individualized curriculum development and helping students achieve their academic goals.


In high school, Ian had a diverse set of interests but was unsure of his future path. He loved music, raiding the library’s CD collection after school, playing trumpet in the school band and with friends. He loved English, finding solace in absurdist and surrealist literature, writing short stories and free-form poetry. He loved math, reveling in the real-world applications of each concept, enjoying the puzzle of each problem. He loved history, fascinated with other cultures, inspired by the wealth of knowledge in years past. Ultimately, he loved learning and craved a challenge, a dual passion that took him to the University of Illinois for engineering.

UIUC exposed Ian to the true beauty of math and science in action—the experience was both exhilarating and humbling. Ian graduated from UIUC with his BS in Electrical Engineering, specializing in semiconductor fabrication, analog/digital design, and audio engineering. After working in the field as a design engineer for many years, he took a chance and opened a private tutoring business, a decision that solidified his leading passion, sharing his love of learning with students and guiding them to achieve their true potential. 

Over six years, Ian’s business quickly expanded from just himself to a team of twenty-two trained tutors that helped students navigate the challenging terrain of academics, executive functioning, and college preparation. 

Today, Ian is, at heart, that same high school boy but with a much better head on his shoulders. He loves his wife and two cats. He loves mathematics and electrical circuit design. He loves the outdoors and backpacking in the wild. He still loves music and reading. But most importantly, he loves mentoring others and helping them find their passion so they can change the world. 

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Naperville, Illinois

Area of Expertise

  • Math (K–12, College)
  • Physics
  • English
  • History (General) & U.S. History
  • ACT, SAT, CogAT, MAP
  • Electronics/Engineering
  • Micro/Macro Economics
  • ASVAB Military Entrance Exam
  • Executive Functioning

Ian's Education and Certifications

  • Bachelor's Engineering - University of Illinois
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