James McGary

Chief Marketing Officer

James is an experienced marketing executive with 15+ years of specializing in successful campaigns within education, he merges strategic abilities with a passion for storytelling, aligning seamlessly with our mission to simplify the college decision journey for students.


James is a seasoned marketing executive with a proven track record  of driving winning campaigns and elevating brand presence. With a keen strategic mindset, he combines creativity and analytics to deliver impactful solutions. James thrives in dynamic environments, where his adaptability and innovative approach shine. His passion for crafting compelling messaging and fostering meaningful connections make him an invaluable asset in the ever-evolving landscape of marketing.
James has an impressive 15 year track record of driving winning strategy, executing marketing campaigns, and optimizing bottom line profitability. He also boast 5 years experience working for college testing companies and admission counseling firms. James fell in love with our mission: “We aim to make your college decision journey simpler, more enjoyable, and help you achieve better outcomes.”
When James isn’t architecting marketing journeys or researching a new marketing channel, he gets lost in the outdoors. From hunting to fishing, backpacking to climbing, Mother Nature recharges his batteries.

As a marketer, James is obsessed with the power of story, and humbled by the realization that our story is the success of your students.

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Greenville, South Carolina

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