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Niloufar has a BS in Marketing from Miami University, she loved her college experience and strives to help others find their SAFE school.


Niloufar is a  firm believer in the power of finding the right college fit. Having cherished her own college experience at Miami University, Niloufar understands the transformative impact that a well-suited college environment can have on a student’s personal and academic growth. Her genuine love for her alma mater inspires her to guide others in their pursuit of their own “SAFE school” – a place where they can thrive, feel supported, and achieve their fullest potential.

Niloufar’s journey with HelloCollege took a personal turn when her own daughter went through the program. Witnessing the positive impact it had on her daughter’s college journey, Niloufar became a fervent advocate for HelloCollege’s approach. Her daughter’s happiness and success are a constant source of referrals, as Niloufar is eager to share the program’s benefits with other families seeking the best college experience for their children.

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Elmhurst, IL

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  • B.S. Marketing - Miami University(OH)

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