Toni Rexroat

Email Specialist

Driven by a passion for learning, Toni Rexroat brings with her 12+ years of success in email marketing and a wealth of knowledge in crafting a journey to guide others on their own path to achievement. She utilizes her gift for storytelling to further our mission and help students on their college decision journey as they create their own life story.


Voted most likely to find the silver lining and smile through an apocalypse, Toni Rexroat has 12+ years of experience developing email campaign strategies that reflect an audience’s needs and a company’s passions. 


After obtaining an Associate of Science degree in Photograph and a Bachelor of Arts in English and with a determination to break into book editing (her childhood dream), Toni began her career as an editor in the magazine world. Proving that life’s journey doesn’t always take the path you plan, she volunteered to take on the email marketing program in addition to her editorial duties. She discovered a new passion for email marketing. A college degree and job experiences will put you on the path to success if you determine to never stop learning. 


Toni’s email marketing experience is built on a foundation in the art of storytelling she learned in her editorial career. She excels in understanding her audience, identifying their desires and frustrations, and crafting a journey that moves them through the funnel from discouragement to success. While her creative brain thrives on building the perfect story laid out in the perfect design, her scientific side finds excitement in diving into the analytics and identifying the nugget of gold that can be spent in testing. 


When she’s not buried in analyzing the emails in her inbox, Toni finds relaxation and mindfulness hiking in the mountains of Wyoming; playing fetch with her two cats, Hana and Millie; and continuing her education in whatever catches her attention next, from woodworking to meteorology. 

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