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Tyler Pohlman is currently attending University of Colorado Boulder where he is double majoring in Physics and German. While attending University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, he was an undergraduate research assistant at the Center for Plasma-Material Interactions. He has a passion for math and teaching and has a year of tutoring experience under Ian Simon.


Tyler was born in Elk Grove Village, Illinois and attended Elk Grove High School. He is currently pursuing B.A. in Physics and German at University of Colorado Boulder.


During his high school years, he took all AP and Honors classes as well as working at Jarosch Bakery and being an active member of the Speech club. It was in his Senior year, when he took AP Physics C, that his passion for Math and Physics really developed. Being able to see how the math he was learning was applying to the world around him pushed him to learn things at their most intricate levels. It was in this class, as well, that he started teaching some of his classmates about the material they were learning.


Before attending CU Boulder, Tyler was studying Physics at University of Illinois Urbana/Champaign. While at UIUC, he participated in research for the Center for Plasma-Material Interactions for Dr. Ravic, where he had his name published in a research journal, SPIE. It was during this time that COVID had begun and disrupted much of his life and school. He decided to take a gap year and reevaluate what he wanted to do and decided on CU Boulder. During this gap year, he started tutoring with Ian Simon in 2022 and continued to work for him until the summer of 2023. During that summer, he studied abroad in Munich, Germany and became fascinated with the German language and culture. 


Tyler has an overwhelming love and appreciation for anything Math and Physics related. He loves the way it teaches people to think in different ways and builds upon the problem solving skills that everyone has. On top of this, he also has a passion for teaching for those same reasons and is willing to help anyone with anything Math/Physics related.

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