Zee Karim

Essay Coach

Zainab (Zee) has a M.S. in Written Communication and M.A. in Psychology from National-Louis University. She loves teaching personal essay writing and building community around writing practices.


Zee is a passionate educator, prolific writer, and community builder with an unwavering dedication to nurturing the talents of aspiring writers. With over a decade of experience in the field of education, Zee has found her true calling in inspiring and empowering individuals to discover their voices through the written word.

As an educator, Zee’s approach is marked by creativity, empathy, and a deep understanding of the learning process. Her enthusiasm for teaching extends beyond the confines of the classroom, as she constantly seeks innovative ways to engage with her students and ignite their love for literature and writing. Whether she’s leading dynamic workshops, facilitating stimulating discussions, or providing one-on-one mentorship, Zee strives to create an environment where every student feels valued and supported in their journey as a writer.

In addition to her passion for teaching, Zee is a dedicated writer with a diverse portfolio spanning fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. Her writing reflects her keen observation of the human experience, exploring themes of identity, belonging, and the intricacies of relationships.

Central to Zee’s work is her commitment to building vibrant communities of writers. Recognizing the importance of collaboration and shared experiences in the creative process, she actively fosters spaces where writers can come together to learn, grow, and inspire one another.

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Chicago, IL

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  • Midwest Colleges
  • Creative Writing
  • Selective Colleges

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