College Admissions Consulting

Nothing about college admissions is easy for today’s high school students and their parents. The process is becoming more competitive every year. Thus, it is no longer enough for applicants to have good grades in high school. Identifying, evaluating and selecting schools for which to apply; planning and taking standardized entrance examinations; meeting rigorous application requirements and deadlines; and writing essays designed to stand out from the crowd all take an enormous amount of effort and coordination.

HelloCollege’s College Admissions Program — our most comprehensive college admissions consulting package — features a dedicated college counselor. Our college admissions consultants are committed to coaching students through every step of the process.

Comprehensive College Admissions Counseling Services 

Successful college admissions planning is deliberate. It is designed to include and address commonly recognized topics and tasks — as well as providing focused support in areas that are neglected by college applicants who choose to go it alone.


Our College Admissions Program includes all of the following college admissions counseling services:


  • Dedicated College Counselor
  • Online ACT/SAT Test Prep Course and Practice Exams
  • ACT/SAT Strategy Workshops
  • Major & Career Assessment and Analysis
  • Build a College List
  • Paying for College & Scholarships Workshops
  • Private College Budget Meeting
  • FAFSA/CSS Profile Guidance
  • Common Application Guidance
  • Common Application Essay Brainstorming, Edits & Reviews
  • Private Application Strategy Session and Application Planner
  • Up to 10 Additional One-On-One Meetings
  • Custom Plan to Stand Out to Admissions
  • High School Course Planning
  • Custom ACT/SAT Testing Plan
  • Proctored Practice ACT/SAT Tests & Diagnostic Reports
  • Private Major & Career Diagnostic
  • 3-Day Essay Bootcamp
  • Supplemental Essay Editing with up to 17 Edits
  • Private Common Application Review
  • Private Mock Interview
  • Senior Scholarship Bootcamp
  • Private Award Assessment Meeting
  • LinkedIn Profile & Resume Building
  • College Transition Workshop


Benefits Beyond Basic College Admissions Planning

Working with your high school admissions counselor can be a good first step for basic college admissions planning. However, in most high schools, counselors simply do not have the bandwidth, expertise or resources to effectively help all of the school’s college-bound students.Leveraging the expertise of HelloCollege’s dedicated college admission advisors can give you peace of mind. Of course, college admissions coaching does not mean that the advisor does all the work for your student. Instead, you can be confident knowing your student is being guided by professionals who understand the process and the importance of timing.Our knowledgeable college admissions consultants are committed to helping students meet the often-nuanced requirements to have their applications seriously considered by their top-choice schools.Our college admission advisors:
  • Provide targeted guidance and support for entrance examinations
  • Offer time-tested deadline strategies
  • Prepare students to handle in-person interviews with confidence and aplomb
  • And so much more
Simply put, HelloCollege packages college admissions coaching services that students and their families won’t find anywhere else.

Take Charge of Your Future With Help From Our College Admissions Consultants

Starting the college admissions planning process early — ideally in the student’s sophomore or junior year of high school — can better ensure sufficient time is available to plan effectively — thereby helping increase the chances of college acceptances at first-choice schools. To learn more about HelloCollege’s College Admissions Program — and to discover the difference that working with experienced college admissions consultants can make in a student’s future — schedule a free consultation today!

Hello Team

We’re passionate about your college success

We don’t treat you like a number. We know each student has their own important needs. We used that passion to create a personal approach that helps all students with their unique college admissions journey.
Kevin Krebs - Founder of HelloCollege

Kevin Krebs

Founder and Managing Director

Inspired by his parents, Kevin’s journey from a first-gen, diverse, low-income background to Northwestern University shaped him. After experiencing challenges, including student loan debt, he founded HelloCollege and has spent the last 25 years helping students successfully navigate college admissions.

Allison Dahleen

Director of Counseling Services

As an MSA holder, Allison brings a wealth of experience supporting students in higher education. As a respected leader at HelloCollege, she expertly navigates admissions, and academic advising, empowering students to conquer their goals.

Sue Nelson

Financial Specialist

Sue has 25 years of experience in financial services and assists families with the financial aid process and cost saving practices.

Amanda Yoder

Assistant Director of Counseling Services

Amanda is a Lead College Counselor and Trainer with over 10 years of high school counseling experience. She holds a Master's in Education with a counseling concentration and graduate certificates in Military & Family Education and Administration & Supervision (Educational Leadership).

Don Keller

College Counselor

Don is a highly skilled College Admissions Counselor, boasting a 20-year background in student service. Don's expertise includes evaluating applications for UC - Berkeley and the prestigious Questbridge Scholars program, making him well-equipped to guide students toward their educational aspirations.

Raymond Gonzales

College Counselor

Raymond, a first-generation college graduate from the Bay Area, holds a Master's in Education from Harvard, a Master's in Public Health from the University of Pennsylvania, and a Master's in Social Work from University of Southern California. His diverse experience includes roles at Assist America and the UN, reflecting a commitment to global youth advocacy.

Shariq Ali

College Counselor

Shariq holds an M.S.Ed. in Intercultural Communication from the University of Pennsylvania and B.A. from Elon University. Shariq leverages his experience in research, advocacy, and mentoring to create personalized plans that reflect students’ unique stories and empower them to achieve their academic dreams.

Miracle Husband

College Counselor

Miracle received her B.A. from the University of California - Berkeley and a M.Ed. from the University of Vermont. She has a rich background in higher education, founding her own College Advising company and roles in business academic counseling at Tulane University and college advising at UC Berkeley.

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