Your referrals are how we measure our success!

Welcome to the HelloCollege Family and community referral page. We are tremendously proud of our commitment to providing students and their families with the highest level of expertise and support.

Referral Program Overview

If you submit a direct referral and if they decide to purchase a program from us you will receive a $50 gift card redeemable at over 200 merchants nationwide.

We strongly encourage all families currently navigating the college application process to take advantage of our free events and materials. We welcome those families that would like an experienced counselor to engage and support the timely completion of the myriad of steps their student has in front of them.

Refer A Student

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What Happens Next


We will reach out to you to confirm the information you’ve submitted.


We will reach out to the person or family you’ve referred, inviting them to learn more about us by attending a free workshop.


We will schedule and complete a complimentary consultation to review their needs and determine if partnering makes sense.

Our goal is for half of our clients to be direct referrals, and we need your help to achieve this.

our community

We are humbled by those families who have shared their success stories via the posting of online reviews, taking advantage of volunteer opportunities, or simply referring their co-workers, fellow parents or classmates, friends in the neighborhood, group, club or organizations they engage with.

Currently, 1/3rd of HelloCollege’s business comes to us from our current or previous members via referral or younger siblings moving into their High School years. With 33% of our business being directly supported by our member families we are able to give back with referral gifts as well as friends and family pricing.