Senior in High School Preparation for College

Senior year of high school is a busy time—especially if you’ve waited until now to begin the process of evaluating colleges and applying for admission. Don’t let the stress and anxiety get to you, though. It’s not too late to receive help with the high school college planning process.

HelloCollege provides a variety of senior high school preparation for college services—all designed with busy students and their families in mind. Our Senior Express Program includes custom college planning to help late-starting seniors and their families get up to speed.

High School College Planning Could Improve Chances of Success

High school seniors who intend to go to college after graduation but who have not begun the admissions process must complete a number of tasks in a relatively short period. Learning about prospective colleges and visiting them in-person, completing applications, writing essays, obtaining letters of recommendation and applying for scholarships all take time and effort. Seniors must also ensure they are meeting their high school’s diploma requirements while remaining involved in extracurricular activities.

HelloCollege’s Senior Express Program—created specifically for high school seniors—includes custom college planning, tailored with each student’s high school experience and educational/career goals in mind. Working with a dedicated college admissions counselor, students enrolled in this college planning program take advantage of assistance with their college application essays and supplemental essay editing, common application guidance, private common application reviews, mock admissions interviews and more.

HelloCollege Provides College Planning Solutions With a Record of Success

The high school college planning professionals at HelloCollege understand and are adept at helping high school seniors and their families manage the college application process in an abbreviated time frame. Senior year of high school is not too late for college planning, but it’s more important than ever to lean on professionals who can help navigate the maze of requirements and deadlines.

With expertise gained from helping more than 1,200 students with their college planning, HelloCollege strives to remove the stress from the college planning process during senior year and improve the chances of receiving acceptance letters from the student’s top three college choices. In fact, 97% of the students with whom we’ve worked were accepted to their third-choice schools; 86% to their second choice; and 83% to their first choice.

To learn more about college planning for seniors and to take the first step toward your post-secondary education goals, contact us today!