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Are You Worried About Finding the Right College To Fit Your Social Needs?

You already know that finding the right college to suit your academic needs is essential, but did you know there are many other factors you should consider? Many first-year students excitedly enter their first year of college only to pack their bags and head back home or transfer to a different campus after a few months. Unfortunately, many of these students didn’t do enough research on their college before choosing to attend.

Make Your First Year of College a Successful One With the Right Strategies

Wouldn’t it be great to know you’ve made the right choice when you set foot on your new campus? By using the right strategies and putting enough research into your campus, you’ll be able to relax, focus on your academic studies, and make new friends.

Use the S.A.F.E Method To Pick the Right College for You

The college application process is stressful enough without worrying about checking all the boxes as you research each college. With the S.A.F.E method, you’ll have no problem making sure you’ve covered all your bases when choosing your perfect campus fit.

What Does the S.A.F.E Method Cover?

When choosing your college, you want to ensure your prospective campus fits your unique personality, academic needs, and financial situation. This useful strategy helps you find a perfect fit in the following ways:

The Right Social Fit

Wondering how to have a social life in college? Whether or not you will have a good social life in college depends on the social fit.

Social fit refers to whether or not the college fits your social life. You’re about to spend a lot of time at your new campus, so you want to make sure you’re going to feel comfortable in your environment. There are many factors to consider when deciding if your campus is the right social fit. Distance from home, campus size, extracurriculars, and climate are just a few things you should consider when making your choice.

Why Is the Right Social Fit Important?

So, why is social life important in college? Your chances of enjoying a successful college career increase when you find a campus that feels like home. When you choose a campus with the right social fit, you’ll experience:

Better mental health

Your mental health is important. When you find the right college, you’ll feel a sense of belonging and experience less stress as you settle into your first year.

Higher academic achievement

When you feel more comfortable in your surroundings, you’re more able to concentrate on your academics.

A better college social life

Students who have a better social fit usually enjoy a better social life at college.

Decreased risk of transfer

Many freshmen do not make it past their first year of college because they don’t feel they fit in. While some drop out, others decide to transfer campuses. College transfers are stressful, and not every course will transfer to a new campus.

More likely to graduate

Students who enjoy their college campus and feel they fit in socially are less likely to drop out and more likely to graduate.

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Now you know how important the right social fit is when choosing a school. But how do you find the right social fit? Discovering the perfect college with the right social life is easy when you download our free social fit guide.

This resource will help guide you in your decision-making process, so you know what to look for when exploring your prospective campuses. It helps you examine things that are important when it comes to social fit, like campus size and school setting. Make your college search easier and download our free social fit guide today.

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