Best Computer Science Programs in the Southeast

Best computer science colleges in the southeast

College requires a huge amount of time and money, so you want to ensure you’re getting the highest quality education for your investment. For four years, you’ll study and learn, and you want to be sure that that effort will lead to a job that’s worth all your hard work (and, of course, your tuition).
Finding a college program that suits your specific needs can be difficult, but we can help. If you’re looking for the best computer science programs in the Southeast, read this post.

Top Computer Science Programs in the Southeast:

Computer science is one of the most popular majors and one of the most lucrative: entry-level computer scientists can expect to make around $74,000. Fortunately, there are tons of great computer science programs to choose from. Students who specifically want to study computer science at a top university in the American Southeast should look into these specific computer science programs:

1. Georgia Institute of Technology 

Located in the heart of Atlanta, the Georgia Institute of Technology, also known as Georgia Tech, is a public university with a big student population and a great computer science program. Each year, Georgia Tech graduates roughly 185 students as computer science majors. 

Georgia Tech is well known for having a top-ranked computer science program; its campus life is diverse and offers plenty of academic and social opportunities for students. You can join student-run organizations, compete on athletic teams, and participate in networking events.

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2. Emory University

Also located in Atlanta, Emory University is another option for students who want to pursue a career in computer science. Their program is among the top 10% of computer science programs in the country, and it’s ranked #1 in the state of Georgia. While this private school might be a little more pricey than Georgia Tech, it’s an option well worth looking into.

3. Duke University

Duke University is one of the top-ranked private schools on our list. This highly prestigious institution is internationally known for its stellar academic programs and world-class research initiatives. Duke is home to some of the top scholars in the country and has one of the best computer science programs in the Southeast. 

Students who want to pursue a degree in computer sciences can’t go wrong with Duke. While tuition can be expensive, you’ll be getting one of the best educations in the world. Duke students also get academic and career opportunities that continue after school.

4. Vanderbilt University 

Founded in Nashville, Tennessee, in 18783, Vanderbilt University is a southeastern private school featuring over 70 different majors, including Computer Science. While Vanderbilt is not an Ivy League school, it is often called a Southern Ivy

At Vanderbilt, you can expect to get a quality education. Their Computer Science major is ranked among the top 5% in the country. With only around 230 students graduating from the program each year, you’ll have plenty of opportunities for research and internships.

5. University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

If you’re seriously interested in computer sciences, you need to look into the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. UNC is ranked among the country’s top 50 schools and has one of the best computer science programs. 

At this highly-ranked university, students will receive one of the best computer science educations in North Carolina and the country. This large public university is also a global leader in education and research.

6. Tulane University 

For students who want to attend a smaller computer science program, Tulane University might be the right fit. Only around 50 students graduate from Tulane University’s computer science program each year. So, you’ll get plenty of one-on-one attention in classes for your major. 

This private school is located in bustling New Orleans and is known as one of the top universities in the South. Tulane is particularly known for its research activity and is in the top 2% of research universities. 

7. University of Alabama

The University of Alabama is dedicated to providing students with a well-rounded computer science education. At Bama, you’ll learn in a hands-on environment for a very affordable price. If you live in the state of Alabama, seriously consider attending this public university: its computer science program is fully accredited, and in-state tuition will be less expensive than at a lot of other schools on our list. 

8. Clemson University 

Students looking for an affordable computer science education should consider attending Clemson University. While their computer science program isn’t quite as well-regarded as some of the other schools on this list, they still offer an excellent accredited program that will teach you everything you need to know to get a great job. In addition, Clemson is a widely-known school that will show your future employers your commitment to excellence and learning. 

9. University of Virginia

The final school on our list is the University of Virginia. UVA is ranked number 35 for computer science programs in the Southeast, though the school is best known for its science, liberal arts, engineering, and business programs. 

While some students might consider going to nearby Virginia Tech, UVA is actually better ranked for computer science. It offers both undergraduate and graduate programs in computer science—and the tuition is affordable!

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