Your 2024-2025 FAFSA Questions Answered

At a time where high school seniors should be crossing the finish line, celebrating accomplishments, and looking ahead to the future, millions of students wait in limbo for answers to their 2024-2025 FAFSA questions financial that will determine where they attend college, or for some, if they attend college at all. For the 70% of families who rely on student loans to pay for higher education, this process has been nothing short of a nightmare. 

However, the FAFSA delay also presents an opportunity.

Why Is My FAFSA Not Processing?

It’s no secret that this year’s rollout of the new FAFSA application process did not go as planned. Technical glitches, malfunctioning form fields, and server crashes have created significant barriers for students reliant on federal aid to pursue their education. Furthermore, the lack of transparency from the Department of Education has added a layer of frustration. 

HelloCollege is in the thick of the chaos with our class of over 500 high school seniors, all wondering, “When will my FAFSA process?” And as the parent to one of them, I can personally empathize with the struggle. I watched in frustration as my daughter, Ashley, tried and failed to submit her signature to FAFSA over and over again. But, amidst the uncertainty, there is a strategic way to leverage the delays to your advantage.

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Using the FAFSA Delay to your Advantage

This year, universities are in a bind. Financial aid packages are a key consideration in students’ admission decisions, and with that information delayed, universities are unable to accurately forecast enrollment and yield rates. 

With enrollment numbers in question and financial aid offices under strain, this year, schools may be more willing than usual to negotiate financial aid offers.

And so my opinion, and what we’ve coached our HelloCollege families to do, is to use this time to ask for more financial aid before committing to college. Over the last month, we’ve leveraged the uncertainty in the admissions world to the tune of improved scholarship and financial aid packages that save our students tens of thousands of dollars. 

But to unlock additional aid, you have to know how to navigate the system.

Writing an Appeal Letter

Crafting a compelling letter of appeal is your first step toward securing more financial aid. Here are four basic tips for writing a successful appeal:

Address Your Letter to a Specific Person

Whether it’s someone in the financial aid office or the admissions representative for your high school, using a specific name personalizes your appeal and helps ensure it reaches the right person.

Show Respect and Appreciation

Open your letter with gratitude for both their offer and the opportunity to attend their school. Then explain your financial concerns and need for more additional aid.

Highlight Competing Offers

More generous financial aid offers from other schools can strengthen your case. Be honest and provide specific details.

Ask for Reconsideration

Be clear and polite in stating that while you’re excited about the possibility, the current offer makes it challenging for you to commit to their school.

Answering Your 2024-2025 FAFSA Questions

I started HelloCollege in 2012 with the goal of pulling back the curtain and empowering families to take control of college admissions, which is why I view this year’s FAFSA delays as a unique opportunity to shift the balance of power.

And given that the Department of Education just announced the highest federal student loan interest rates in more than a decade, a dollar today truly is worth more than a dollar tomorrow. 

When it comes to the money you deserve toward your child’s education, the financial aid experts at HelloCollege are here to help. We know how to assess your situation, speak to your student’s unique leverage points, and maximize your offer.  

The time to act is now. Contact HelloCollege today for a consultation, and let us help you make the most of the FAFSA delays.

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Kevin Krebs is the founder and managing director of HelloCollege, the Midwest's largest college planning company. With 25 years of experience, a Northwestern University education, and an Emmy-winning journalism career, Kevin helps students craft standout college applications. He has delivered over 500 workshops, provided thousands of consultations, and assisted over 40,000 families worldwide in navigating the college admissions process. Kevin and his team focus on helping students find their best-fit colleges, graduate on time, and secure their dream jobs without overwhelming debt.
Kevin Krebs - Founder of HelloCollege

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Kevin Krebs

Inspired by his parents, Kevin’s journey from a first-gen, diverse, low-income background to Northwestern University shaped him. After experiencing challenges, including student loan debt, he founded HelloCollege and has spent the last 25 years helping students successfully navigate college admissions.

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