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Founded in 2012, HelloCollege provides a broad swath of college admissions services, including college selection, admissions, essays, applications, scholarships, and financial aid for students in nearby Barrington, IL. Barrington students who partner with HelloCollege gain admission to their top schools, earn more scholarships, and graduate faster with a career in their prospective major. In today’s competitive admissions landscape, high-ranking test scores and transcripts are insufficient to solidify a spot at a top-100 university or a hyper-competitive Ivy League school. While GPAs and test scores are essential components to a college application, they tell only a small piece of the story.

More than anything else in the college admissions process, drafting a well-written personal statement requires reflection, self-examination, creative energy, and planning. This is where HelloCollege comes in. Whether your student is applying through the Common Application, the Coalition Application, or another college-specific application, many college admissions departments require Chicago-based applicants to submit a personal statement or essay. From brainstorming essay topics to editing the final draft, the HelloCollege team listens to and supports your student throughout the entire process. Rest assured, our Barrington college essay specialists have the organizational skills and pleasant personalities to ensure your student excels in our HelloCollege program.

How Important Is the Essay in a College Application?

A personal statement gives students a chance to enhance their application. After sifting through a mountain of high school transcripts and standardized test scores, college admissions officers prefer reading an essay that details a personal journey of self-discovery and growth.

For instance, students may want to highlight an important milestone and how it impacted their scholastic development. Sharing these intimate details allows students to highlight their personality, humor, career aspirations, and point of view. More importantly, crafting a personal statement serves as a great writing sample and proof to admissions officers that an applicant can meet the demands of advanced college-level courses and programs. 

How College Consultants Can Help Students Write a Winning Essay

Under the careful guidance of a college consultant, students can transform their experiences into succinct and polished college essays. By collaborating with a HelloCollege college essay consultant, Barrington-based students can elevate their essay’s “story,” structure, and mechanics.

Moreover, a college essay coach can support students by proofreading and giving objective feedback at every step of the writing process. It’s easy to make common mistakes, which is why a college consultant will lock down your student’s content, grammar, sentence structure, vocabulary, and more. Something as simple as a misplaced comma or the incorrect use of “to” or “there” will not make a positive first impression. Using a college essay counselor ensures Barrington-based students avoid making simple mistakes while keeping their writing evocative, mature, and compelling.

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Located in the heart of Cook County, Barrington is a tight-knit community with alluring local amenities, including public parks and quaint shops. Situated at the crossroads between city and country, Barrington is approximately 40 miles northwest of Chicago. Barrington is among the wealthiest towns in the country, adding to the cozy suburban atmosphere in the Chicago metro area.

Come enjoy everything that Barrington has to offer with its beautiful parks, cozy cafes, and world-class restaurants. In the heart of the village stands the Barrington White House, a large historic district that offers dozens of opportunities for unique window-shopping, dining, and social gatherings. Shirley’s Piano Bar on Cook Street, for instance, hosts live music and entertainment in the evenings and during the weekends. And on Thursdays, residents can join the Barrington community for “Art Night Out” during the fall and spring. Shop at the local Barrington Farmers Market, enjoy a drink at Flesk Brewery’s Biergarten, and so much more.

Barrington’s public education system offers students an excellent education with high-quality schools at all grade levels. Parents can enroll their children in either Grove Avenue Elementary School or Roslyn Road Elementary before graduating to Barrington Middle School and ultimately transitioning to Barrington High School, one of the most highly rated public high schools in Illinois. On average, students enrolled in Barrington High School’s advanced classes tend to demonstrate a higher level of academic proficiency across many subjects, including mathematics and reading. Students living near Barrington can also enroll in St. Anne School, a private catholic institution that gained recognition as a Blue Ribbon School in 2006.

College Essay Consultants Near Barrington, IL

Having helped over 1,200 students with their college planning, the HelloCollege team can position your Barrington student for success with our personalized college essay services. Reach out to HelloCollege for a free consultation designed to help your student create a precise roadmap through the college admissions process. Backed by over 80 years of combined experience, our Barrington admissions experts break down the process into simple terms and deliver a curated action plan to help your student receive admission offers from the universities he or she has targeted.

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