Business Major

For those interested in working in a business role after college, there are many career possibilities. In addition to a traditional “business” degree, countless other college majors can help students pursue business-related careers. HelloCollege provides college major and business career services designed to help college-bound students create and narrow lists of possible majors and future opportunities on the business career path.

Popular Business Degrees

Selecting the right business major in college can increase the likelihood of landing a job in your chosen field. If you are interested in pursuing a business career path, you may want to consider one of these common college majors:

  • Accounting
  • Business Administration
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Information Technology Management
  • Sports Management
  • Project Management
  • Business Studies
  • Human Resource Management
  • Entrepreneurial Studies
  • Hospitality Management
  • International Business
  • Leadership
  • Health Care Administration

This business degree list includes some of the most popular business degrees offered at colleges and universities across the country, but there are other options available at many schools.

Explore Your Options with Business Career Planning Services from HelloCollege

As you can see, there are many possible careers and college majors related to the business field. Trying to evaluate these business careers and college majors on your own can be overwhelming.

HelloCollege offers individualized college major exploration and business career services designed to help you determine whether a business-related career is the best fit, or whether your interests and talents align better with another type of path. We will help you evaluate potential college major options and narrow your list of schools that can support your goals.

When working with a certified career coach at HelloCollege, you can be confident the individualized information and guidance you receive will help you make more informed decisions about your future. To learn more, contact HelloCollege today!

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Kevin Krebs

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Inspired by his parents, Kevin’s journey from a first-gen, diverse, low-income background to Northwestern University shaped him. After experiencing challenges, including student loan debt, he founded HelloCollege and has spent the last 25 years helping students successfully navigate college admissions.

Allison Dahleen

Senior Director of Operations

As an MSA holder, Allison brings a wealth of experience supporting students in higher education. As a respected leader at HelloCollege, she expertly navigates admissions, and academic advising, empowering students to conquer their goals.

Sue Nelson

Financial Specialist

Sue has 25 years of experience in financial services and assists families with the financial aid process and cost saving practices.

Amanda Yoder

Assistant Director of Counseling Services

Amanda is our Lead College Counselor and Trainer with over 10 years of high school counseling experience. She holds a Master's in Education with a counseling concentration and graduate certificates in Military & Family Education and Administration & Supervision (Educational Leadership).

Don Keller

College Counselor

Don is a highly skilled College Admissions Counselor, boasting a 20-year background in student service. Don's expertise includes evaluating applications for UC - Berkeley and the prestigious Questbridge Scholars program, making him well-equipped to guide students toward their educational aspirations.

Raymond Gonzales

College Counselor

Raymond, a first-generation college graduate from the Bay Area, holds a Master's in Education from Harvard, a Master's in Public Health from the University of Pennsylvania, and a Master's in Social Work from University of Southern California. His diverse experience includes roles at Assist America and the UN, reflecting a commitment to global youth advocacy.

Shariq Ali

College Counselor

Shariq holds an M.S.Ed. in Intercultural Communication from the University of Pennsylvania and B.A. from Elon University. Shariq leverages his experience in research, advocacy, and mentoring to create personalized plans that reflect students’ unique stories and empower them to achieve their academic dreams.

Miracle Husband

College Counselor

Miracle received her B.A. from the University of California - Berkeley and a M.Ed. from the University of Vermont. She has a rich background in higher education, founding her own College Advising company and roles in business academic counseling at Tulane University and college advising at UC Berkeley.

Kimberly Shipman

College Counselor

Kim holds an M.Ed. in Higher Education Administration and has over 10 years of experience in college and career counseling. She has a passion for helping students discover their career passions and connect them to the perfect college experience.

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