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We offer a variety of options to meet the unique needs of your high school student

Comprehensive Programs

We guide you through college selection, admissions, applications and essays

College Fit Program

Find the best college match for the best price
  • Dedicated College Counselor
  • Online ACT/SAT Test Prep Course and Practice Exams
  • ACT/SAT Strategy Workshops
  • Major & Career Assessment and Analysis
  • Build a College List
  • Paying for College & Scholarship Workshops
  • Private College Budget Meeting
  • FAFSA/CSS Profile Guidance
  • Common Application Guidance
  • Common Application Essay Brainstorming, Edits & Reviews
  • Private Application Strategy Session and Application Planner

College Admissions Program

Our most comprehensive package
Includes everything in College Fit Program plus
  • Up to 10 Additional One-On-One Meetings
  • Custom Plan to Stand Out to Admissions
  • High School Course Planning
  • Custom ACT/SAT Testing Plan
  • Proctored Practice ACT/SAT Tests & Diagnostic Reports
  • Private Major & Career Diagnostic
  • 3-Day Essay Bootcamp
  • Supplemental Essay Editing with up to 17 edits
  • Private Common Application Review
  • Private Mock Interview
  • Senior Scholarship Bootcamp
  • Private Award Assessment Meeting
  • LinkedIn Profile & Resume Building
  • College Transition Workshop
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All Products and Services

All offerings including a la carte and comprehensive plans

Our most comprehensive package to ensure your child gets in to a top college choice. A dedicated college counselor guides you through every aspect of college selection, admissions, essays, applications, scholarships and financial aid.  See full details below.

A comprehensive package which consists of one-on-one meetings, essay editing, workshops and other valuable resources to successfully guide your family through the college planning process.  See details below.

Are you a senior just beginning the process or feeling behind?  This accelerated program focuses on narrowing a college list, writing stand out college essays, completing the Common Application and navigating financial aid and scholarships.

This multi-day bootcamp, offered the summer after junior year, will enable you to complete your Common Application essay well before “crunch time” arrives in the fall. Before the bootcamp, you will utilize a custom online assessment that steers you toward an ideal topic. Once the bootcamp begins, you will learn the elements of a compelling Common Application and/or Coalition Application essay, with our essay coaches providing assistance as you write your rough draft. After completing that first draft, you will shift online to the editing and review process until your essay has reached its full potential.

Writing a winning college essay is challenging. It also is a key part of gaining admission to your preferred schools. Our expert essay coaches, with a combined 80-plus years of writing and editing experience, will guide you through the journey of crafting an essay that rivals those produced by your peers. You and your essay coach will start by developing a topic that is both compelling and conveys the types of attributes colleges covet. After that, you will focus on the essay’s “story,” structure, and mechanics. At each step, you will receive in-depth feedback from your coach.

Eighty percent of college graduates change majors, and only 24 percent of students earn their diploma in four years. Does your child have an academic path charted for college? If not, we’re here to steer you in the right direction. Your student will receive a robust career assessment and then structured one-on-one guidance from a certified career coach. Once you’re done, you will have a narrowed list of majors and careers.

With this ACT/SAT test prep program, which is designed to increase your scores, you will improve your odds of being accepted to the college of your choice and of earning merit-based aid. The test prep is highlighted by one-on-one coaching sessions to develop a test prep strategy, workshops, practice exams, and premium online test prep.  

You will have an invaluable opportunity to develop and refine a list of colleges that reflects your needs and desires. In addition to being provided with tools to help you manage, rank, and track your potential colleges, you will receive hands-on assistance and counseling from our experts.

Give your child the gift of starting and finishing college on the right monetary track by working with our financial expert to create a customized plan that meshes with your family’s situation. For those families that have a funding gap, we will help you weigh college aspirations against economic realities, as well as show you the parameters for need-based aid and the potential for merit-based aid and outside scholarships.

Create a plan to leverage your financial aid offers from colleges. With our experts leading the way, you will focus on identifying opportunities and creating a plan to increase your aid through avenues such as appeals and scholarships.